Ready to make some big financial decisions? Learn from Logical Lucas

If you’re on the verge of a big life change you probably want the same things from your bank as Logical Lucas.

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There comes a point in all our lives when we’re ready to take the next big step. We become obsessed with our next life goal, and what we need to make it happen. And it becomes all-consuming, but not necessarily in a bad way. This is what gives us the drive to make necessary changes and get savvier when it comes to our finances—questioning both big and little things at the same time.

It’s where Lucas is right now. Post-grad, eager-to-move-on-with-life Lucas.

He’s the kind of person who does his research before spending his cash. He’s living in a shared apartment with two other post-grad students, but his priority is moving into his own place. It’s time to grow up—he wants to start a family in the mid-term so thinks he needs to get a better handle on his finances.

Lucas lives life on his smartphone, so he wants a banking app that’s fit for purpose and fits in with his life. Just like 23 percent of the world’s population, one of his biggest banking bug-bears is how complicated everything is. He just wants a simple overview of his spending and future goals in one place to help him get to where he wants to be.

  • Mindset: thinking about settling down

  • Motivation: becoming financially independent

  • Superpower: knows how to live well on a budget

  • Kryptonite: over-complicated banking processes

We get it. Like Lucas, your life’s changing and you’re not waiting around for your bank to catch-up. You need the information that’s going to help you make important financial decisions.

  1. Read “Personal financial planning—tips on setting yourself up for the future” to see how you can get your life plan sorted

  2. Check out our Go Cashless features so you can manage everything directly from your cell. Spaces will help you save for the future and Shared spaces will make sure you’re splitting expenses fairly with your roommates

  3. Find us on social #BigBankingChat to discover more tips

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