The N26 Maestro Card

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In the run-up to Christmas it’s nice to send your good friends a card. This year we’re talking about a very special type of card: Today you’ll find our new Maestro card under the Christmas tree.

In addition to the N26 Mastercard you can now order the NFC-enabled Maestro card, which expands cashless payment options to more than 650,000 locations in Germany and Austria. What's more, you'll have full access to the same security and convenience features that you already love as a N26 Mastercard customer, including the ability to get customised instant notifications.

Every active customer (anyone who has transferred at least 100 € onto his account) in Germany or Austria is eligible to receive a Maestro card. Simply open the Control Center of the app and request it with a tap.

Maestro Card

The Maestro card, just like our Mastercard, has its own unique design. The see-through part, which reflects the transparency of our account, is at the heart of the new design.

You'll find another design element that will look familiar: the unique skyline of the German capital that our team loves and which inspires us every day.

Maestro and Mastercard

The key benefit of the Maestro card is the expanded opportunities to shop without cash at more retailers. This is particularly important in Germany, where credit card acceptance at retailers is lower than in some other markets.

How's that for a Christmas gift? The perfect stocking stuffer for your personal finances.

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