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A customer testimonial: N26 mobile app accessibility

To ensure that as many customers as possible benefit from this new banking experience, we’re constantly developing our web and mobile apps, and making them accessible.

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N26 is reinventing the banking experience, making it as simple and streamlined as possible. And thanks to the easy-to-use, intuitive and beautifully designed app, more and more people now have the chance to manage their account on-the-go, wherever and whenever they want.

To ensure that as many customers as possible benefit from this new banking experience, we’re constantly developing our web and mobile apps, and making them accessible to people with disabilities, or with visual impairments. The goal is simple according to Hugo Giraudel, our Web Tech Lead: “the experience does not have to be the same for all users, but anyone, with or without disabilities, should be able to consume the content offered and access the same services."

To provide you with a further insight on how exactly our bank is aligning itself to those with disabilities, we’d like to introduce you to Kévin, a visually impaired user who uses N26 thanks to a screen reader.

Kévin is 28-years-old and has been an N26 customer since May 2018. Since originally signing up to an N26 Black account, he became an N26 You user when this was introduced, and then went on to choose premium N26 Metal. This account is now his main account—he uses it for all his expenses, direct debits, bank transfers and it’s where he receives his income.

A precise mobile app with a clean design

Although N26 is not the first bank where Kévin has opened an account, he’s convinced that The Mobile Bank is the most accessible of all. And this is all thanks to the app screen reader, seamlessly integrated into his iOS smartphone.

“With N26, I can easily understand what each button you have to tap to perform an action means. So I know where I need to tap to make a transfer, or where to go to return to the transaction screen. In too many applications, the icons are only graphic and as they’re only read as “icons” by my screen reader, I cannot understand what they are used for.”

In particular, Kévin remembers what it was like to use his previous bank’s app. He had to constantly guess which buttons to press, in particular when making transfers. Thanks to N26 however, he’s now certain he won’t make mistakes when managing his money.

Alongside this, Kévin points out that the app’s very clean design makes it even easier to use a screen reader. There’s no unnecessary information that could hinder understanding.

Features that make a difference

Kévin also goes on to explain how N26 stands out thanks to its intelligent authentication system. Unlike other banking apps, N26 lets you to login using your email address and password, as well as via biometric recognition (face or fingerprint).

This is very important: for someone who is visually impaired, it is near impossible to login and authenticate your identity by typing in a code, especially when its on a visual keyboard where the numbers are displayed randomly. With N26, Kévin can manage his account independently, and he specifies that he saves a lot of time thanks to fingerprint recognition.

In addition, Kévin particularly appreciates the real-time push-notifications that notify him of all that’s happening on his account. These are announced with a distinct ringtone, immediately allowing him to recognize that it’s to do with a transaction linked to his N26 account, and not another app.

Transfers made easy

Kévin goes on to say that alongside the accessibility of the N26 app on his iOS phone, he appreciates how easy it is to make a transfer, add a new beneficiary without having to wait, and how fast it is to make a payment to another N26 user with MoneyBeam.

Contactless payments: all it takes is a tap

Thanks to his Mastercard, which is compatible with contactless technology, he no longer has to look for his card before inserting it into a payment terminal. With his phone or smartphone watch, he can now pay for his purchases in an instant—all it takes is a quick tap. An N26 push-notification then immediately lets him know that a transaction has been processed.

“Join N26”

As for any final words? Well, Kévin has the following to say: “I encourage everyone to join N26, and not just the visually impaired. The quality of the Customer Service and N26’s services make the banking experience much more enjoyable. And in terms of iOs app accessibility, N26 is already so far ahead! ”

N26 is The Mobile Bank, revolutionizing the banking experience to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible. Discover all the advantages of our bank accounts, and what N26’s services and features have to offer right here.

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