TransferWise—foreign transfers, without the fuss

Sending money abroad with your N26 personal account is easy, fast and reliable—no hidden fees, no hassle. Thanks to our partnership with TransferWise, you can choose from a vast selection of currencies and make international transfers at the real market exchange rate. And with the feature directly integrated into your N26 app, all it takes is a few taps.

Paying family or friends across the world, or moving funds into a bank account back home to settle the bills? Or maybe you’re just looking for a cheap way to get your cash from A to B? With over 38 currencies at your disposal, sending money internationally is faster and easier than ever with TransferWise. The handy feature is seamlessly integrated into your N26 app, so you won’t be redirected anywhere to complete the transaction. Everything you need is right there, on your smartphone.

When transferring money internationally, you’ll be charged as little as possible. Benefit from the real market exchange rate and low fees compared to traditional banks and other money transfer services. And before parting with your cash, get a detailed overview of all the charges you’ll incur. Full transparency and zero surprises, at every step of the way.

The same TransferWise’s terms and conditions apply, but all in one place in the N26 app.

Transferwise x N26 app.
  1. Open the N26 app and go to the “Actions” bar
  2. Tap on “Send Money” and select “Foreign Currency Transfer”
  3. Enter the amount and select your currency to get your quote
  4. Add and review your recipient’s bank details, and confirm the transfer

* The TransferWise feature is currently only available for personal N26 accounts. N26 Business, Business You or Business Metal customers can make foreign currency transfers directly via the TransferWise website.