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Your guide to renting out your home while you’re away

It’s a great way to supplement your income—but there are some rules and regulations you’ll need to keep in mind.

4 min read

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Your guide to unemployment benefits in Spain

How much unemployment will you receive and how is it calculated? Find out below.

6 min read

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How to do your tax declaration for 2020 if you were put on short-time work

I’ve been put on short-time work. Do I have to file an income tax return? Do I owe taxes or will I get a refund? Read this article to find out.

6 min read

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Here’s how to pay your taxes as an influencer

So you’ve started earning income as an influencer—congrats! Read this guide to find out how to pay your taxes as an influencer in Spain.

3 min read

Budgeting for freelancers.

Supplementary allowance for the self-employed: what is it and how to get it

Eligibility, amount, application periods, duration, etc. Here you can find out all about the supplementary allowance for self-employed workers and freelancers approved by the Spanish government.

4 min read

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How the Spanish government is addressing coronavirus concerns for the self-employed and small to medium businesses

The self-employed and SMEs are among those most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. We'll take a look at the measures adopted by the government to help them get back on their feet.

3 min read