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Looking for a bank as fast-paced and flexible as you? Then you might share Culture-Guru Clara’s wanderlust

Do you wish your bank adapted to a change of scenery as quickly as you? Then you’re just like Clara.

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You’ve always felt like your bank should adapt to your ever-changing lifestyle, rather than you having to adapt yours to its requirements.

But it’s never quite worked out that way. You move from place to place, but are always acutely aware your bank doesn’t deal with this jet-setting life as well as you do. There’s always fees you weren’t expecting, and a tedious process of explaining where you’re living and working now.

You need a bank which can adapt to a change of scenery as quickly as you can—just like Clara.

Clara has been living and working abroad since she left college. Having built up a great reputation over the years, she has the luxury of being able to work to her own schedule and from wherever in the world she choses, although that does sometimes mean putting in late nights or working in a different timezone. So long as she has her two favorite buddies—her Macbook and a strong coffee—she can live and work anywhere. She has a rough life plan to keep a semblance of structure in place, and make sure she’s not going overboard financially.

Banking basics

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Banking basics.

That leaves room for a bit of risk, but she’s saving too. Clara is planning to move back home eventually and settle down, just not quite yet.

She wants a bank that can travel with her, and her biggest bug bear? Like 69 percent of us around the world, Clara has been stung by hidden fees! She just can’t seem to wrap her head around the way her bank seems to secretly charge her for overseas card transactions and transfers.

Clara’s financial factoids

  • Mindset: experiencing new places & cultures is the meaning of life
  • Motivation: living and working abroad and the lifestyle that goes with it
  • Superpower: Maintains a solid balance between spending and saving
  • Kryptonite: hidden fees


We get it. Like Clara, you want financial freedom while not being screwed by hidden charges all the time. But there’s no need to compromise to live your life.

  1. Read “What is an emergency and rainy day fund? Here’s how to set one up” to make sure you strike that balance between spending and saving
  2. Check out N26 You, for an account with travel insurance and other personalised perks inc. free foreign ATM withdrawals and money transfers. Saving a small amount regularly is easy with Rules and Spaces shows you exactly what you’re saving for.
  3. Find us on social #BigBankingChat to discover more tips

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