13 September 2016Technologie und Sicherheit

N26 trifft auf iOS 10

We use the N26 app on a daily basis to stay up to date about our finances, MoneyBeam each other to split bills and much more. Our friends at Apple also recognize that N26 is one of many “Apps For Every Day,” and have decided to feature our app in this category in the AppStore. We’re happy to be named in this category and are excited to show off the features we developed for today’s release of iOS 10.

Send money with Siri

We don’t know about you, but talking to our devices and making them do things is definitely a vision of the future we dreamed of as kids. As soon as you update to iOS 10 and update your N26 app, activate N26 in your phone’s Siri settings and ask Siri to send money to one of your contacts. For example - “Hey Siri, send €15 to Freddy for lunch using N26.”

Request Money with iMessage

Think of the last time you paid for everyone’s lunch and they were slow to MoneyBeam you back. How much time needed to pass before it was okay to remind them? Starting today, you can request money from your contacts through iMessage and avoid all the…. awkwardness. All you have to do is start a message, select N26 in the Apps menu and send your first request to a friend who is also using N26 with iOS 10.

See your account overview with N26 Widget

Finally, we added an N26 widget to the Today section, which you can access by swiping all the way right from your home screen. iPhone 6s users can also “3D touch” the N26 icon to see the widget with your current account balance, your available balance (including Overdraft) and the balance of your Saving/Investment accounts – all without opening the app. Just another way for your iPhone to provide contextually relevant information and make your life a little easier.

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