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"N26 is a well-designed native app — it’s like drinking a glass of ice water in hell." —TechCrunch

"N26 is an excellent banking option for just about any international traveler." —Forbes

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  • Anja Schlenstedt | Helena Treeck | +491624362311

Press releases


N26 expands offering for loans in Germany through its partnership with auxmoney

N26 expands its range of consumer loans through a partnership with auxmoney, the leading credit marketplace in continental Europe. Thanks to this cooperation, N26 will soon offer loans to those who are self-employed or freelancers, among others. As with all other products, N26 offers customers access to the product from auxmoney with just a few taps, directly in the app. The appropriate loan will always be found according to the customers requirements, whether that product be offered by N26 or auxmoney.



N26 offers more security for its customers when paying online



N26 and Clark launch fully digitized insurance service for N26 customers



N26 and Raisin partner to offer innovative savings products at attractive rates



The Mobile Bank Account for Freelancers and Self-Employed



N26 becomes leading mobile Bank in Europe



N26 leverages banking license to offer real-time consumer credits



N26 goes Europe



N26 Launches Premium Account



With N26 requesting money from friends is now as simple as it gets



“Send 5 Euros to Max.” - Send Money with N26 and Siri



Bank license in hand, N26 extends its financial platform and starts its first investment product



Number26 receives banking license



Mobile banking fraud prevention through artificial intelligence: NUMBER26 receives about 700.000 € subsidy from Investitionsbank Berlin



NUMBER26 Raises US $40 Million in Series B Funding



NUMBER26 Statement Cancellations Start Fair Use Policy



NUMBER26 and TransferWise Partner to Offer Fair and Easy International Money Transfers



NUMBER26 announces 100.000 user milestone just one year after launch



NUMBER26 launches in six new European markets



NUMBER26 launch of Maestro Card improves the smartphone account



NUMBER26 challenges traditional banks by further completing their banking experience The one–click overdraft is the first step in building its Fintech Hub



Retail Instead of Bank Branch: Withdraw and deposit cash directly at thousands of checkouts using only your smartphone — no card necessary



NUMBER26 10 million € Series A – Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures invests



Europe’s most modern bank account launches



"Banking but Better” – Earlybird, Redalpine and Axel Springer Plug and Play fund 2 million Euro seed round in NUMBER26


N26 in numbers

Where does our name come from? Our name is related to the rubik’s cube – although it is incredibly complex, you can solve it in only a few step, if you have the right strategy. This is our inspiration for solving the complex banking system. But why 26? Well, the rubik's cube consists of 26 individual dice.







USD 55 Mio


Our Management Board

Valentin Stalf

Founder and CEO

Born in Vienna, Valentin studied Accounting & Finance (M.A. HSG) at the University of St. Gallen, Sophia University in Tokyo and Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. During his studies he worked in a number of fields including Strategy Consulting and Investment Banking/Mergers & Acquisition. After graduating he joined the Internet Incubator Rocket Internet as Entrepreneur in Residence and was involved in building different companies.

Maximilian Tayenthal

Founder and CFO

Maximilian, born in Vienna, studied Business Administration, International Management and Law in Vienna, Rotterdam and Paris. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder. Before founding N26, he worked as a strategy consultant with Booz & Company, as assistant to the CFO in an Austria's largest insurance company, and gained experiences in Corporate/M&A in a law firm.

Markus Gunter

CEO N26 Bank

Markus Gunter studied Business Administration after finishing a banking apprenticeship. He pioneered the first internet platform of a German bank at HYPO-BANK AG and built up Activest and Pioneer Investments as managing director to one of the top five asset management companies in Germany. Afterwards he started as CEO of stock exchange listed DAB Bank AG, but he turned to N26 Bank as CEO as he realized that mobile banking is a superior solution to financial services.

Matthias Oetken

CFO/CRO N26 Bank

Matthias Oetken was trained as a banker at Commerzbank before studying Business in Göttingen. Afterwards he worked as a risk and portfolio management expert for several banks such as Nord/LB, LB Kiel and HSH Nordbank AG with stations in Germany, Luxembourg and UK. Before joining N26 Bank, he was responsible for buliding up the spin-off HSH Financial Markets Advisory S.A. as CFO / CEO.

Media coverage

N26 Launches savings account with Raisin

"N26 is launching yet another feature to build a modern retail bank for European customers"

European challenger bank N26: the “future” of financial services

"Over the past couple of years, the financial industry has been taken aback by the success of so-called ‘challenger banks"

App-only bank N26 hits 300,000 customers as startups across Europe race to be the finance app for millenials

"N26 has customers in 17 European countries, including 30,000 in France and 10,000 in both Spain and Ireland"

N26 Review: Why Every International Traveler Should Bank With N26

"I’ve been using N26 for eight months now, and one particular word comes to mind when describing my experience: smooth"

Fintechs Team Up on Investment App

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This Peter Thiel-backed startup just took a major step toward replacing your bank

The year-and-a-half-old startup, based in Berlin, was awarded a full German banking license.

Number26, a start-up bank backed by Peter Thiel, Li Ka-shing, raises $40 million

Number26 ... appears to be quite ahead of the competition

Number26, German Banking Start-Up, Expands Across Europe

Number26 has targeted younger customers who have grown up surfing the web.

100 Hottest European Startups 2015

NUMBER26 is a bank built for smartphones.

German start-up launches pan-European bank for mobile users

Number26 is looking to succeed ... by relying on mobile phones to build a true pan-European bank

This Finance Startup Seeks Cash to Nab Deutsche Bank Customers

The German financial technology startup expands to six additional European markets to win customers from established rivals ...

Fintech Start-Ups Now Targeting Banks’ Core

One of the few advantages of using a bank branch was to be able to deposit cash. Not any more.

Tschüs, Bank. Hallo App!

"Dazu will Stalf mit seiner App mehr bieten als klassische Banken."

Peter Thiel makes second European investment

Thiel’s Valar Ventures announced today it has led a $10.6 million investment round for Berlin’s Number26.

Number26 Turns Retail Shops Into Bank Branches

"Number26 has been working hard ... to bring a new banking experience to Europe."