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N26 partners with HelloFresh to bring healthy meals to your door

Unpack the healthy and balanced meal boxes supplied by HelloFresh—now an N26 partner.

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HelloFresh delivers meal boxes made with quality ingredients directly to your home, so that you can prepare healthy and balanced meals yourself. No need to make shopping lists, write a certificate to go to the supermarket, or stand in line at the checkout—everything is done online. Simply pick your desired meal boxes and have them delivered directly to your house. You’ll save plenty of time, and can use your remaining energy to actually savor the process of cooking your own food at home, hassle-free.

How about pumpkin mac ‘n cheese tonight? Or how about a homemade minced beef steak with camembert sauce, or a melty vegetarian lasagna? After you’ve decided what to order, the only other choice left to make is what to watch—maybe Emily in Paris? After all, during this second lockdown period, taking care of yourself is the best thing to do. So why not nurture your inner chef with the help of HelloFresh?

In addition, HelloFresh helps you waste less food—since all the ingredients for your meals are pre-measured, food waste is cut down by approximately 20%. Say goodbye to leftover one-third bags of risotto rice or forgotten old onion halves.


Up to €60 off your meal boxes with N26

Right now, N26 offers all customers with an N26 Standard account a total discount of €50 on an order of three meal boxes.

If you have an N26 You, N26 Metal, N26 Business You, or N26 Business Metal premium account, that offer is increased to €60.

No matter which N26 account you have, the shipping on your first order is free.


How to take advantage of the N26 x HelloFresh discount

First, open your N26 app. Click the “Explore” tab. Under “Partner offers,” you’ll find the section for HelloFresh. Tap it to access the offer details and copy your promo code.

You’ll need to:

1. Register at www.hellofresh.fr

2. Enter your promo code.

3. Choose your meal boxes and accept the delivery.

4. Cook your meals and enjoy!

It’s that easy !

Not an N26 customer yet? No problem.

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If you want an even more personalized banking experience, the N26 You and N26 Metal premium accounts also offer insurance options and even more partner offers and advantages. Accounts start from only €9.90 per month.

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