Brand new: control your finances hands-free with Siri Shortcuts and N26.

Find out what they are and the useful features they bring to your N26 account.
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iOS 12 is here! And with it are some new features that make it easier to access some of your N26 features directly with your Siri voice assistant using Shortcuts.But first, let’s explain what Shortcuts are and how they work. Then we’ll dive into how you can use them with your N26 app.

What are Siri Shortcuts? Hands-free app control, with voice commands

Siri Shortcuts make it easier than ever to access features on your phone without ever taking it out of your pocket.Shortcuts are app functions that Siri executes using voice commands, often getting rid of the need to open the app. Just activate Siri, speak the Shortcut phrase and it gets done in the background. That’s all well and good but how do you find out what shortcuts there are? Well that’s pretty easy. Just open Siri then tap All Shortcuts and scroll down to N26. We’ll show you all the Shortcuts you can use. When you select a shortcut, you can record whatever phrase you want to enable it. So if you want to see how much money you have in your Spaces with a Siri Shortcut, you can choose something like “Show me the money”.

Supported Siri Shortcuts for N26: use them to control your finances

Here’s the first batch of shortcuts we are supporting:
  • Show your Main Account breakdown
  • Show your Spaces overview
You’ll probably notice most of the shortcuts are already settings you can manage directly in your app. But now you use them with Siri to control your finances.Both the Main Account breakdown and Spaces overview are new. But handy if you need to check a recent transaction or how close you are to reaching a goal. The breakdown will show your 3 most recent transactions.As far as we know, we’re one of the first banks to introduce Siri Shortcuts so use them responsibly. But also don’t be afraid to get creative with your voice commands. Share your best with us on Twitter at @N26. Enjoy!

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