Celebrating 2 million customers in France

See why 2 million customers in France have joined N26.

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N26 entered the French market four and a half years ago and has gradually established itself as the leading digital bank.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve just hit 2 million customers in France. Thanks to you, we are building a better bank for all.

With 94% of French people indicating they want more autonomy to manage their bank account*, it’s no wonder more than 2000 customers join N26 every day—including Sundays. N26 customers have access to smart mobile features, real-time account updates and 7-days-a-week customer service.

“In 2020, the banking world changed rapidly. Overnight, we found ourselves in 2030. The mobile phone is now the daily wallet. Cash and branches are giving way to apps and mobile payments. No more hidden costs and paperwork—the French want to manage their bank like they manage their energy, telephone or entertainment—on their phone.”, explains Jérémie Rosselli, CEO N26 France & BeNeLux.

By 2024, we hope to have 5 million customers in France. How? By doing what we do best—developing new features and products that give people the power to live and bank their way.

This year alone, we’ve already launched a free 100% digital account with a virtual card and introduced on-demand mobile phone insurance. And the best is yet to come. We’re always working on more ways to make managing your money even easier. Check back soon to see what’s coming next.

*N26 and ETX Brand study, May 2021

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