Surfer in Barcelona beach.

The 7 best cities for freelancers in Spain

From coastal retreats to urban centers, there’s a place for every taste.

9 min read

a coworking space with many freelancers sitting in a big open area.

The rise of the gig economy has changed the way we work forever

This new way of working is transforming the way we live and bank.

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Working desk in a garden.

What’s a workation? How to work remotely from a holiday destination

Ready to attend Zoom meetings from a tropical paradise? Find out how you can get in on this remote working trend.

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Freelancer graphic designer working.

Salaried employee vs. self-employed worker - what’s the difference?

Read on to learn the pros and cons of both kinds of roles.

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Man working on his computer writing on the keyboard.

Open your own online store in just 7 steps

From product selection to legal requirements, here’s what you need to know about building an e-commerce business.

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Business meeting.

Assisting a self-employed family member? You might qualify for benefits

If you’ve been helping out a self-employed family member, you might be eligible for benefits. Read on to find out if you fit the criteria.

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Mini Planta team.

Mini Planta: set up your own urban garden at home

Turn your mini plants into super plants while learning all about them: how to care for them, where they come from, their features, etc.

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Jewelry designer in her workshop.

Deassín—modern design meets classic craftsmanship

Deassín’s designs exude simplicity, elegance and artistry. Their creator, Lucía, tells us what is so special about her jewelry.

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Owner of Now or Never jewelry.

Now or Never—colorful, eclectic fashion jewelry

Fun, freshness and plenty of color—these are the signature traits of the designs from Now or Never. Cristina, the founder, tells us where she finds the inspiration for these very special pieces.

3 min read

Contactless payment with a smartphone.

N26 Business Metal—earn money by spending it

No, we’re not crazy. We’re only trying to make freelancers' lives a little easier by offering them 0.5% cashback on all their card purchases.

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Woman working on a lap top.

Freelancing FAQs: everything you need to know about freelancing

Going freelance is a big career change and may leave you confused. Read answers to the most commonly asked questions about freelancing.

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Business Metal card.

Introducing N26 Business Metal—the premium business account for entrepreneurs, with 0.5% cashback

Discover N26 Business Metal, a new generation business account that comes packed with benefits, and our statement metal card.

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