The ultimate student bank account — get 12 months free

You’re not your parents, so why bank like them? Try N26 Smart—the student bank account that moves as fast as you do. It’s 100% digital, 100% smart, and 0% old school. Share money instantly with friends and housemates, get special deals from brands you love, and manage your money from anywhere, 24/7.

Sign up online in 8 minutes with the code N26STUDENTAT, and get 12 months of N26 Smart for free*!

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*Promotion offer valid from September 20, 2021 to November 7, 2021. Terms and Conditions apply.

Set yourself up for success with N26 Smart

  • Choose a Mastercard debit card in 5 colors
  • Easily save with Spaces sub-accounts
  • Pay shared bills together with Shared Spaces
  • Enjoy exclusive N26 Perks from brands you love
  • Stay on top of your spending with Statistics
N26 You card, Petrol.
MoneyBeam instant transfer screenshot.

Send money at lightning-speed

Whether you’re paying rent with housemates or splitting the bill on a night out, N26 makes instant payments as easy as 1-2-3. Try MoneyBeam to instantly send, request, and receive money for free among N26 friends, or make instant bank transfers to anyone in the SEPA area—even if they’re not N26 customers. Plus, a few seconds is all it takes to split a restaurant bill, right in your N26 app. Goodbye, complicated math. Hello, stress-free student banking.

Discover instant payments

Live large on a student income

Strapped for cash? Save on the brands you love with N26 Perks. Get exclusive deals and offers from Gorillas, FlixBus, Reebok, GetYourGuide, and more.

Master your budgeting skills

Stay on track with N26 Statistics. See exactly how much you’ve spent each month in categories like ‘Groceries’ and ‘Shopping’, updated in real time.

100% digital, 100% secure

Bank from anywhere, anytime with your N26 app. Plus, our full European banking license means that your money is legally protected up to €100,000.

Say goodbye to hidden fees

Hidden fees? That’s so 2004. At N26, your student bank account comes with free local ATM withdrawals, and no extra fees for paying in another currency.

A bank account that’s as smart as you are

If personal finance was a subject, premium N26 student bank accounts would be the ultimate cheat sheet. Unlock premium-only features like N26 Spaces to easily set money aside, or pool funds together with up to 10 friends in N26 Shared Spaces sub-accounts. Working towards a goal? Save even faster with Round-Ups—we’ll stash away the spare change every time you use your N26 card.

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How do I open a student bank account?

Opening a student bank account with N26 is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Go to or download the N26 mobile app.
  2. Choose the type of bank account you want, and sign up online in 8 minutes. You’ll need to verify your identity with a valid ID.
  3. Top up your student bank account instantly, and start using your new N26 Mastercard with Apple Pay or Google Pay—even before it arrives in the mail!

What are the benefits of a student bank account?

The best thing about a student bank account is that it usually comes with loads of free benefits that can help you save money as a student. Student bank accounts from N26 include free ATM withdrawals, no account maintenance fees, and exclusive discounts from partner brands such as Gorillas, FlixBus, Reebok, and GetYourGuide. It also includes ‘Statistics’ in the N26 app, which allows you to see your spending by category—such as ‘Shopping’, ‘Bars & Restaurants’, and more—making it easy to stay on track with your budget.

How much money do I need to open a student bank account?

To open a student bank account, some banks may ask you to put some money in the account right away (also known as a “minimum opening deposit”). Other banks might skip the minimum opening deposit, but may charge you a regular fee to keep your student bank account open (also known as “maintenance fees”).

With N26, you can open a free student bank account with zero maintenance fees and no minimum account opening deposit. Best of all, N26 is a 100% digital bank with a full European banking license, so your money is protected up to €100,000—just like traditional banks. You can open your free student bank account directly from the N26 app in just 8 minutes—no paperwork required.

Can I open a student bank account without a parent?

Whether you can open a student bank account without your parents depends on the laws of the country you’re living in. In general, you’ll need a parent or guardian’s consent to open a bank account if you’re a minor. With N26, you can open a student bank account without a parent as soon as you’re 18 years old. Check the eligibility requirements here.

What is the best student bank account at N26?

It all depends on your situation. If you’re looking for a free student bank account, N26 Standard is the perfect choice. You’ll get a virtual N26 Mastercard to use with Apple Pay or Google Pay, a local IBAN to easily pay bills, and you can send, receive, and request money between other N26 friends for free with N26 MoneyBeam.

If you’re looking for a student bank account that’s packed with easy-to-use budgeting and savings features, look no further than N26 Smart. You’ll get a contactless N26 Mastercard in your choice of color, even more free ATM withdrawals, and N26 Perks discounts from brands you love. Plus, you can create up to 10 Spaces and Shared Spaces sub-accounts to put money aside to save and budget for different projects, goals, or expenses—by yourself, or together with up to 10 others. It’s the perfect all-rounder for only €4.90/month.

Germany, Austria: Promotion offered by N26 Bank GmbH, Rungestr. 22, 10179 Berlin, Germany. Promotion offer valid from 20.09.2021 until 07.11.2021.

France: Promotion offered by N26 Bank GmbH, Rungestr. 22, 10179 Berlin, Germany. Promotion offer valid from 20.09.2021 until 31.10.2021.

Spain: Promotion offered by N26 Bank GmbH, Sucursal en España, Calle de José Abascal, 41, 28003 Madrid, Spain Promotion offer valid from 20.09.2021 until 31.10.2021.

Italy: Promotion offered by N26 Bank GmbH, Succursale Italiana, Via Pola, 11 - 20124 Milan, Italy. Promotion offer valid from 20.09.2021 until 31.10.2021.

The promotion applies to new N26 customers who are students (age 18-24), have a valid student ID, are residents of the countries as outlined above, and sign up to a N26 Bank account during the promotion period. The promotion may be used once per new N26 customer. New N26 customers may use the promotion code when signing up to the N26 Smart premium bank account, which comes with a one-year term and may be terminated at any time. Once the promotion code is activated, the new N26 customer becomes a N26 Smart customer and will be exempt from paying the monthly N26 Smart premium bank account fee (€4.90/month) for the first 12 months of their yearly subscription, beginning from the date of activation. The T&Cs of the N26 Smart premium bank account apply and can be accessed via the website When the promotion ends after 12 months, the N26 Smart customer’s yearly subscription to N26 Smart will remain active, and the N26 Smart customer will therefore remain subject to the T&Cs of N26 Smart and the corresponding monthly fees (€4.90/month). If the customer terminates their N26 Smart membership during/after the promotional period in line with section 4.2 of the applicable N26 Smart T&Cs, the customer will be downgraded to the N26 Standard account as it is offered at the time the customer's termination is becoming effective. To redeem the promotion code, the new N26 customer must provide it when prompted during sign up. The promotion cannot be combined with any other promotional offers of N26 Bank. N26 Bank reserves the right to terminate this promotion or perform reasonable changes to the promotion at any time if it notices any abuse of the promotion or violation of these T&Cs.