Maximilian Tayenthal

Founder, Co-CEO and COO
Maximilian Tayenthal Co-CEO und COO N26.

Meet Maximilian Tayenthal

Maximilian Tayenthal is founder, Co-CEO and COO of N26. Along with his friend and business partner Valentin Stalf, he set out to make banking more accessible for millions of people around the world. Maximilian co-created N26 (formerly Number26) with the mission to revolutionize an outdated banking industry, giving people around the world the power to live and bank their way.
Valentin and Maximilian talking and smiling.

Get to know Maximilian

Maximilian was Chief Financial Officer of N26 before taking on the role of Co-CEO alongside Valentin. In 2022, he additionally took on the role of N26’s Chief Operating Officer. Previously, he worked in a variety of consulting and financial roles at leading professional services firms, including CMS and Booz & Company. Maximilian holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics and business administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. He also has a master’s degree in economics from the Community of European Management Schools, as well as a law degree from the University of Vienna. Maximilian is a CFA charterholder. While Maximilian is based in Berlin he enjoys skiing in the mountains of Austria and Switzerland.

A deeper look

From his experience founding a startup to his passion for music, get to know the person behind the brand in this compelling chat with Maximilian Tayenthal.
“Of all the things I’ve done, building a startup is by far the most meaningful thing. It’s about the impact you can have on people’s lives, it’s about the steepness of the learning curve, it’s about the satisfaction of making your vision become reality.”

N26 Highlights


Started N26 alongside Co-founder Valentin Stalf


Launched N26’s 100% digital bank accounts in Germany


Secured N26’s banking license from the European Central Bank


Led the growth of N26’s finance, operations, legal, banking and workplace divisions in his role as CFO


Maximilian moved to the position of Co-CEO of N26 and Managing Director of N26 Bank


Took over as Chief Operating Officer, strengthening N26’s decision-making processes

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