Valentin Stalf

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Valentin Stalf CEO N26.

Meet Valentin Stalf

Valentin founded N26 (formerly Number26) in 2013 alongside his longtime friend Maximilian Tayenthal, with a shared vision of building a company that would make banking more reachable for millions of people around the world. Today, N26 is one of the fastest-growing mobile banks in the world with more than 8 million customers, a team of over 1,500 passionate employees of 80 nationalities, and offices around the globe.
Valentin and Maximilian talking and smiling.

Get to know Valentin

A true entrepreneur at heart, Valentin has always been close to the startup world. Before N26, he was an Entrepreneur in Residence for Rocket Internet, an incubator and investor in online startups. There, he helped to develop several companies in the mobile payments industry, including payleven and Paymill GmbH. His experience working in strategy consulting and investment banking, along with a passion for solving problems with technology, led him to start N26 and challenge an industry ready for change. Additionally, Valentin is an investor and has supported a number of startups in Europe as well as venture capital funds. He advises different investors across the globe. In addition to his professional experience, Valentin is a believer in digitalization and the role that education plays in creating our future. From 2018 to 2023, he has been an active member of the University Council of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Valentin has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management and a master’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of St. Gallen.

A deeper look

From his philosophy as a leader, to the places he finds inspiration, learn about what drives N26’s CEO, Valentin Stalf, through this engaging Q&A.
“It’s always inspiring when we launch a new product and afterwards millions of people around the world are using it.”

N26 Highlights


Founded N26 alongside Co-founder Maximilian Tayenthal


Launched N26’s fully digital bank accounts in the German market


Secured a full banking license for N26 from the European Central Bank


Led the N26’s Product, Technology and Growth divisions in his role as CEO


Took on responsibility of N26’s People function, growing the N26 team to 1,500 employees across the globe


Worked on N26’s landmark Series E round together with his Co-founder Max, valuing the company at $9 billion

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