Virgo: your financial horoscope

Virgos tend to stay out of the limelight, but we’re taking a closer look. Get to know more about Virgos, their characteristics, and their financial habits here!

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Some people love the spotlight and others prefer to stay on the sidelines. Some live in the here and now, while others plan out every step in advance. And some see socializing as a core component of their lives, but others prefer rolling solo. There are many reasons for these different traits and habits — and some people believe that the constellations of the stars and planets play a role. Although there’s no scientific evidence for astrology, the descriptions of the twelve star signs are often so apt that it can be fun — and even insightful — to read about them. 

Whatever you think about astrology, the character studies can also be thought-provoking when it comes to our different financial habits. That’s why we’re exploring the zodiac in our star signs x N26 series. Each month, we look at a different star sign, its key characteristics, and how people born under this sign approach their finances. Here, we’re looking at Virgo — a star sign that’s known for being self-effacing, organized, and its own worst critic. But that’s not the full story — keep reading to find out more.

Virgo as a star sign

If you’re born between August 24 and September 23, that means your star sign is Virgo. At this time of year in the northern hemisphere, fall is just around the corner and the harvest is on the horizon, so it’s no surprise that Virgo’s element is earth and that it’s long been associated with farming and agriculture. This star sign is based on the Virgo constellation — after Hydra, the second-largest grouping of stars. Its brightest star is Spica. The constellation was first mentioned more than 3,000 years ago in Mesopotamia and was also dubbed “The Furrow,” after the Sumerian goddess Šala. The ancient Greeks adopted the Mesopotamian zodiac and likely associated the word “Šala” with the meaning of “maiden.” They also connected the Virgo constellation with various goddesses, such as Persephone, Dike, or Astraea, all daughters of Zeus. Themes like the harvest, the changing seasons, the Garden of Eden, and justice are very prominent in the myths associated with these figures.. 

The Virgo constellation looks like a person lying down. However, the astrological Virgo sign looks like the letter M with a hook, to represent an ear of corn. It’s very similar to the symbol for Scorpio (also an M, but with a symbolic stinger), and some people see Virgo as Scorpio's female counterpart. The Virgo star sign is indeed female — at least, according to Claudius Ptolemy, who wrote a major treatise on astrology. In Ptolemy’s writing about Virgo, the ruling planet of this sign of the zodiac is Mercury, the smallest planet in our solar system. In astrology, Mercury’s position governs how we see the world around us. As a result, people with the Virgo star sign tend to be logical, analytic, and organized. But Virgo — like Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius — is a mutable sign, which indicates flexibility, adaptability, and imagination. So, what does all of this mean for Virgo’s horoscope?

Typical Virgo characteristics

Like every sign of the zodiac, Virgo is also associated with certain characteristics. In general, this star sign is seen as being grounded, conscientious, and disciplined. That could be why people with the Virgo star sign — no matter their gender — are worker bees and can sometimes have perfectionist traits. Virgos do have lofty expectations of themselves and always want to do well, so they tackle lots of their tasks on their own, rather than delegating work to others. They can be especially hesitant to offload tasks to more laid-back star signs like Libra or Sagittarius.

Despite all their ambition, Virgos rarely brag about their own success. Quite the opposite: People with this star sign often doubt themselves or even suffer from imposter syndrome. Because they set the bar incredibly high and generally take on way too much, they can be at risk of burnout. In general, though, the Virgos are very even-tempered. In contrast to the water signs of Cancer or Pisces, Virgos aren’t driven by their emotions and tend to make rational decisions. If you know yourself well, you’ll be able to keep your own perfectionism in check. Virgos can use exercise, for instance, to combat their inner sense of dissatisfaction. Plus, they love routines and having structure in their day-to-day lives. This offers a good distraction from self-doubt.

Unlike other star signs, Virgos don’t bemoan their fate if they feel washed-out or overlooked. Contrary to Leos, they don’t need to take center stage, and they’re less outgoing than Geminis. Virgos are independent and do their own thing. As a mutable sign, they’re able to adapt to many situations. That said, they don’t necessarily match well with just anyone, which is why many Virgos prefer to stay single rather than date the wrong person. That means they have very different motivations from passionate Aries, who’d happily flirt all day long. When it comes to matters of the heart, Virgos are caring and loyal. The objects of their affections need a thick skin, though, as Virgos expect a great deal from others and don’t hold back with their criticism. They could be somewhat kinder towards others and, above all, towards themselves. 

Other Virgo characteristics

People born under this star sign or with Virgo rising are often known for their love of order. Mean-spirited people would say that Virgos are fussy and crazy about cleaning. In fact, they’re just extremely systematic and practical. Giving into chaos would waste precious time, so every drawer and every folder serves a purpose. With Mercury as its ruling planet, the Virgo star sign has a keen, analytical mind. You’ll frequently hear questions like “Does that serve a purpose?” or “What can I learn from that?”. Virgos would never forget an important date or items on their to-do list — they have an excellent memory and keep a watchful eye on everything.

It’s no surprise that most people with the Virgo star sign are valued conversation partners. They listen attentively, remember the tiniest details, and have plenty of interesting general knowledge to share. This star sign doesn’t crave admiration, but that doesn’t make them a shrinking violet. Virgos are authentic, have a great sense of humor, and the courage to speak their minds. Nothing escapes their critical eye, and they’re only too happy to make an ironic, smug jibe that exposes other people’s nonsense. Sometimes, this excessive criticism can make a Virgo self-absorbed. Virgos also have a high degree of self-control, which can sometimes make Virgo, as a star sign, seem aloof or arrogant.

Their high standards for quality are reflected in many other respects. too. People with this star sign often prioritize high-quality food, select their clothes with great care, or pursue a meaningful job. As a mutable sign, Virgos want to achieve something and they want their work to really bear fruit. That’s why Virgo individuals often take up work as landscapers, psychoanalysts, or journalists. Or, with their talents for strategy and precision, they might forge careers as IT architects, project managers, or financial advisors. In this latter job, they’re especially keen on future-facing topics such as sustainable investments. People with the Virgo star sign tend to shy away from the limelight, concentrate on their work, and work hard behind the scenes. They’re not lavished with praise for this, but that’s not really an issue for them. Thanks to their connection to the earth, Virgos are happy if they’re able to make the world a little bit better.

The Virgo star sign and its finances

Structure, perfectionism, and pragmatism are among Virgo’s key characteristics. But what does this mean for Virgo’s financial horoscope?

How Virgos handle money

It's no surprise that Virgos have a good handle on their money. They never overlook a bill and would never get into debt — and if they did, they’d pay it off responsibly. Like Aquarians, Virgo’s character strives for financial independence, but not necessarily for big money. Even if you don’t have much, Virgos believe you can do a lot with it — it’s just a question of getting things in order. That’s why this star sign loves budgeting methods like the 50/30/20 rule and handy financial tools for systematically managing money.

As Strategists when it comes to their finances, Virgos work toward savings goals, set up standing orders, and check their bank balance regularly. That said, they don’t squirrel their money away. As a quality-loving star sign, Virgos — just like Taureans — are more than happy to spend their money on top-class products, such as professional cosmetics, organic vegetables, or durable outdoor clothing. They put real thought into the gifts they give, whether that’s a bottle of exclusive wine or a hand-tied bouquet of flowers. With their critical eye and sharp mind, Virgos aren’t attracted to cheap items.

People with Virgo as their star sign are seen as being extremely diligent, so it goes without saying that they take care of important matters like their annual tax return. While others don’t even keep receipts or just stuff them in a shoe box, Virgos keep their account books tidy, organized by payment method and category. They like using handy tax apps so they can take care of everything themselves, too. And Virgos know the dates of the submission deadline and send everything off right on time. Virgos often turn down the option of doing a shared income tax return or managing their money jointly. They prefer to handle financial matters themselves so they can preserve their independence and personal responsibility.

Get your finances in order — whatever your star sign

Do Virgo’s characteristics remind you of yourself or someone you know? No matter what your sign is, it’s always good to keep an eye on your finances. That’s why we developed our Insights feature. It automatically categorizes your income and expenditure under headings like #shopping or #rent so you can easily see where your money is going. You also get an overview of how your spending compares to the last three months — perfect for figuring out where there’s room to change some habits. Plus, Spaces gives you up to ten sub-accounts that you can create and manage straight from your N26 app. Just drag and drop money from your main account to one of your sub-accounts, or set up Rules to automate your saving. 

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