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The Power Player

If you equate money with status, you may be a Power Player. Learn more about this financial persona here!

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For you, money is about more than numbers — it’s tied up with your identity and how you’re perceived. The Power Player’s drive and ambition know no bounds, and they love to showcase their financial achievements.

The Power Player’s finances

As a Power Player, the amount of money in your bank account is closely tied to how you feel about yourself. Financial success is a source of deep pride for you — it means you’ve made it, can afford the luxuries in life, and don’t have to struggle. This means buying what you want, treating your friends and loved ones, and showing off your socioeconomic status. Some Power Players may have experienced financial insecurity while growing up and are driven to prove their success, but growing up wealthy could also push someone to be a Power Player.

You might be prone to dissatisfaction and feel like you’re in competition with everyone—which could cause you to spend beyond your means or overvalue money and materials. It’s important to learn when enough is enough, and to celebrate financial wins without always striving for more. But many of us have a streak of the Power Player in us—and that’s a good thing! Channelled in the right way, the Power Player’s ambition, drive, and work ethic allow you to achieve great things and inspire others.

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As a Power Player, you’re most likely to:

  • Have a “millionaire fund” savings or investment account.
  • Always have the latest smartphone model, and be the friend to ask when it comes to shopping or high-end experiences.

Tips and tricks for the Power Player

  • You’ve got major strengths when it comes to financial ambitions, but when faced with economic uncertainty, you may struggle to adapt your spending behavior. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground and be realistic about your circumstances.
  • It may be worthwhile to reflect on what money meant to you and the people around you when you were growing up. Maybe money represented power or control? Or maybe it was a key to gaining freedom and independence?

The best match for the Power Player

In a relationship, you can be a great team player, bringing a sense of financial ambition and motivation to the relationship. You're best off with someone who shares your interest in building wealth to some degree, but who can help keep you grounded when needed.

N26 tips for the Power Player

  • Try out Spaces sub-accounts to keep your finances organized and your goals within reach.
  • Open an N26 Metal account and enjoy premium perks, benefits, and bespoke rewards carefully selected for you.
  • If you’re a German resident, you can apply for consumer loans of over €20,000 to fund your next venture.

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