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The Nonchalant

If you’re less interested in money than most, you might be a Nonchalant. Read more about this type here!

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If you’re less motivated by money itself and more interested in how it can enable you to live your values, then you’re a Nonchalant. You appreciate having some money, but your focus is on how to live a full and meaningful life.

The Nonchalant’s finances

As a Nonchalant, material concerns and even financial security come second to living a fulfilled life. Money is a means to an end — you know you need it, but it’s not the thing that drives you. You might get frustrated by financial tasks that interfere with your passions. Your financial approach could be a reaction to a figure in your life who was overly concerned with wealth or possessions, or who took a more laissez-faire approach to finances.

You may splurge on experiences when the mood strikes, but you don’t spend beyond your means — a function of your general lack of attachment to money. Your main issue is long-term financial planning, which interferes with your carefree attitude, and things like retirement planning may take some effort. In terms of work-life balance, however, you’ve got it made. You're willing to take a pay cut or quit a high-paying job so that your life is more aligned with your values — a trait we can all learn from.

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As a Nonchalant, you’re most likely to:

  • Have a rough idea of your income and expenses each month, but not pay too much attention to the details.
  • Turn down a promotion to take a three-month sabbatical, or forget the hustle and enroll in a pottery course instead.

Tips and tricks for the Nonchalant

  • While money management isn’t a priority for you, there are hacks that can work in your favor. For example, you can automate savings and transfers, freeing up time and mental space for other pursuits — or think of retirement savings as a way to finance a beautiful existence into old age.
  • Money can be a useful tool to support the things that are important to you — like your family, hobbies, or causes you care about. Thinking about your finances in this way can be motivating for you.

The best match for the Nonchalant

  • Your ideal partner is a like-minded soul with ambitions and values you respect. You might struggle being with someone who’s deeply motivated by money. However, your best match may not share all your values around money and finances — and that’s ok.

N26 tips for the Nonchalant

  • Make life easier by automating expenses and payments with N26. Try the Income Sorter feature and save automatically every time you get paid — no extra admin required! Want to backpack around Europe for a year, or take some time off to write your next novel? N26 Spaces allows you to save cash for your unique goals, so you can give your dreams space to grow.
  • Get excited about the nuances of your spending with N26 Insights. This handy feature automatically breaks down your monthly spending into categories, so you can learn where you spent the most and keep a pulse on your finances.

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