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The Independent

If you want to live life — and manage your finances — on your own terms, then you may be an Independent. Learn more about this financial persona here!

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For the Independent, money is freedom. Whether you’re a startup founder or a carefree world traveler, your financial goals are all about living an autonomous life and being your own boss.

The Independent’s finances

You’re a dreamer — always fantasizing about living your best life. You’d prefer to be your own boss, and see wealth as a ticket to the freedom you crave. Maybe you spend your weekends plotting your next business venture, or scheming to leave your 9-to-5 and live on your own terms. You’re not driven by the status quo — instead, you follow your instincts wherever they lead you.

When it comes to spending, you’re thrifty but willing to invest a lot in an ambitious business idea or put extra funds in your “retire-early account.” While thinking big picture comes naturally, it may be challenging to build the financial habits to make your dreams a reality. You might feel discouraged comparing yourself to successful entrepreneurs or jet-setting digital nomads. But ultimately, your deep determination and desire to learn are some of your greatest assets, and you know that smart financial moves can help you achieve the life you want.

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As an Independent, you’re most likely to:

  • Dream of being a successful entrepreneur and living a life of freedom.
  • Hide out in a cafe on the weekends working on your secret side-hustle or startup idea.

Tips and tricks for the Independent

  • Dream big, but avoid being too impulsive when it comes to making your dreams a reality. While a steady job might not seem appealing, it could give you the stability you need to eventually reach your goals.
  • Set achievable goals in the short term so that your motivation stays high. Avoid impulsive financial decisions or risky loans. Instead, use your ambitious spirit to plot out your next move.

The best match for the Independent

You fit best with someone who can support and encourage you in building toward financial freedom. You might want to forge a partnership with someone in a more stable job who is keen to support your wilder ambitions, but who shares your lust for an untethered life.

N26 tips for the Independent

  • Use our Income Sorter feature to help fund your next venture! Set aside a portion of each paycheck, and store the savings in an account devoted to your wildest dreams.
  • Set focused saving goals that you can stick to. Try N26’s Spaces to start building healthy savings habits.
  • Use N26 Installments to help finance your next business idea, or a spontaneous adventure. Split your purchases into easy-to-handle payments and pay them off bit by bit — no waiting, no hassle.

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