Bonjour France! Today we’re happy to announce that, starting immediately, French N26 iOS customers can now apply for and receive personal loans through N26 Credit and our partner Younited Credit. Android will follow in early 2018.

France is the first country outside of Germany to gain access to N26 Credit — and with good reason! France has been one of our fastest growing markets and the demand for access to other N26 products has been enormous—both on Twitter and through direct customer feedback.

Our partnership with Younited Credit is the first of its kind in France. It also represents our first step towards building up the FinTech hub in France in order to bring more and better products to customers there.

N26 Credit makes it fast and easy to apply for and receive your loan. It just takes a few taps and there’s no paperwork required. Loans start at €1.000, with an upper limit of €40.000. Repayment plans run from 24 to 72 months, giving you the flexibility to pay the sum back at your own pace. What makes N26 Credit truly unique though, is its instant pre-approval in the app. We’ll make you an offer in moments and send you a final confirmation within 1 working day.

We’re always thankful to you, the customers who make it possible for us to create and bring great products to the market. We hope you enjoy N26 Credit and that it helps you make some of your dreams into tomorrow’s reality.

By N26

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