Have you signed up to N26 Metal or Business Metal? Keep reading because you’ll love this—N26 now refunds your Amazon Prime membership charge.

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emergency fund and rainy day fund image with cloud with euro rain drops.

Mobile banking is great. Earning a cash bonus for introducing it to your friends? Even better. Here’s how to claim your N26 friend referral reward.

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two football players on the grass.

Perk up your days with live-streaming of your favourite sports at all the big leagues, wherever you are. Here’s how to access your discount.

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hands holding a smartphone.

You’d never leave home without your mobile phone, but what happens if it gets stolen or damaged? Discover how much it costs to insure your smartphone.

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Woman working on a lap top.

Going freelance is a big career change and may leave you confused. Read answers to the most commonly asked questions about freelancing.

Van on the beach with palm trees.

Always wondered what it’d be like to travel and live on the road? Discover the 7 biggest advantages you can expect when you tick it off your travel bucket list.

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Playa del Silencio.

Tired of fighting over the last sunbed at the beach? Discover the top 5 hidden beaches that offer plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

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Street of a Spanish countryside hometown.

A summer reliving the good old days in the Spanish countryside—what’s not to love? Here are five reasons why heading home for the summer is a great idea.

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Motorbike race DAZN.

Never miss another crucial sports moment—N26 customers now get 3-months access to DAZN for the price of one. Stream yours now.

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N26 x adidas—whatever your goal, we’ll keep you on trac.

At N26, we want you to go further. That’s why we’ve partnered with adidas to bring you an offer on the sportswear brand’s apparel.

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Two surfers about to go to the water.

Thinking about what to visit in the North of Spain? Here are a few recommendations to help you lose your bearings by surfing, eating like there is no tomorrow and sleeping under the stars.

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Which university should i go to?

Discover how to make the most out of your money on your next vacation.

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