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N26 Credit is here in France

posted byAnna Zawilinska • Product • December 12, 2017

Bonjour France! Today we’re happy to announce that, starting immediately, French N26 iOS customers can now apply for and receive personal loans through N26 Credit and our partner Younited Credit. Android will follow in early 2018. France is the first country


Make a statement. Introducing N26 Metal, an exclusive card for the global generation.

posted byAnna Zawilinska • Product • December 5, 2017

The world is now closer and more connected than ever. Yet we still have a desire for the physical—items that you can hold and call your own. Out of these two opposites comes N26 Metal—a card designed to feel, look,


N26 is now live with Apple Pay in Spain, Italy, and Finland

posted byAnna Zawilinska • News • November 14, 2017

What if there were a way to pay without your card that is accepted in stores, online and in apps? Well, say hello to Apple Pay. Starting today, Apple Pay is available for N26 customers in Spain, Italy, and Finland. Apple


N26 Black is coming to 9 more countries

posted byAnna Zawilinska • News •

We launched N26 Black last year with one thing in mind—creating the perfect product for travelers to let them explore the world while leaving their worries at home. N26 Black is the perfect bank account for frequent travelers and comes with


UK, we’re on our way. N26 is coming to the UK early 2018

posted byThom McGath • Press • November 3, 2017

N26 is coming to the UK! Starting today, customers can get early access by signing up directly on our UK homepage. Our expansion to the UK represents a big leap for us. Since our founding as a Berlin-based fintech startup, we


N26 is now live with Apple Pay in France

posted byDaniel Schwarzmueller • News • October 24, 2017

At N26, we believe barriers are made to be broken and that there is always a simpler way to do the things you want to do. That’s why today we are launching Apple Pay in France to give N26 customers


N26 is coming to the US in 2018

posted bySergi • Banking •

It’s a big announcement fit for our big plans: we're happy to announce that N26 will be available in the US starting mid-2018. Our goal is to bring fresh innovation to the banking industry in the US while creating a