N26 x Headspace

With so much going on around us, maintaining our health and wellbeing can often be a struggle. And that’s why, to help you master your mind and find your focus, we're offering premium customers a free 3-month Headspace subscription.

N26 x Headspace partnership.

This promotion is now over. We’re always adding new partners so stay tuned to see what’s coming up!

Headspace partnership.

Focus on what matters

As the world’s leading mindfulness and meditation platform, Headspace helps you live a more aware, balanced life—one guided meditation at a time. At N26, we recognize the importance of creating these good habits, and we’re always striving to elevate your worries—whether they be personal or financial—to make your day-to-day that little bit easier.

Re-frame, re-prioritize and focus on what really matters—as a premium You or Metal customer, enjoy a 3-month Headspace app membership for free.

A banking experience, aligned to you

To tap into this benefit, sign-up to one of our premium accounts, packed to the brim with perks and intelligent money management tools. With N26 You and Metal accounts, you can enjoy:

Instant push-notifications after transactions to keep your finances in check

Free worldwide withdrawals and payments in any currency, with no hidden fees

Exclusive partner offers and premium deals to match your lifestyle

Extra peace of mind thanks to travel insurance, courtesy of Allianz Assistance

Up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts, to help you keep track of your savings goals

Existing You or Metal customer? Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the “Explore” tab in your N26 app
  2. Find the Headspace offer to get your unique promo code
  3. Go to to submit this code
  4. Subscribe or log in, adding your N26 card as the payment method
  5. Download the Headspace app, sign in and enjoy your free access!

Customers with a premium N26 You, N26 Metal or N26 Business You bank account can take advantage of a 3-month free subscription to Headspace. The offer is valid until June 1, 2020. To take advantage, go to, and enter the unique code shown under the Headspace section in the N26 app’s “Explore” tab. You can then sign up and choose your payment method. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal cards are accepted. You cannot use prepaid cards, iTunes gift cards, Google Pay gift cards or PayPal credit to pay for your subscription.


In which countries is this offer valid?

This offer is valid for all customers with a premium N26 You, N26 Metal or N26 Business You bank account, regardless of their country of residence.

Which languages is the Headspace meditation app available in?

The Headspace meditation app is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. For more information, please visit their website.

When does this offer end?

The offer is valid for subscription sign-ups made before June 1, 2020. It gives you access to 3 months of Headspace for free.

How can I access the offer if I already have a Headspace subscription?

If you already have a Headspace subscription and are a premium N26 customer, you must first cancel your current Headspace membership. Once this is done and your current subscription has expired, you can then follow the steps described above and use the unique code shown in your N26 app to subscribe again.

When will I start being billed by Headspace?

Once the first 3 months of your subscription are up, you will start getting billed by Headspace.

Is there a commitment period for the Headspace subscription?

No, you can cancel your Headspace subscription at any time.