N26 x Headspace

With so much going on around us, maintaining our health and wellbeing can often be a struggle. And that’s why, to help you master your mind and find your focus, we're offering premium customers a free 3-month Headspace subscription.

N26 x Headspace partnership.
Headspace partnership.

Focus on what matters

As the world’s leading mindfulness and meditation platform, Headspace helps you live a more aware, balanced life—one guided meditation at a time. At N26, we recognize the importance of creating these good habits, and we’re always striving to elevate your worries—whether they be personal or financial—to make your day-to-day that little bit easier.

Re-frame, re-prioritize and focus on what really matters—as a premium You or Metal customer, enjoy a 3-month Headspace app membership for free.

A banking experience, aligned to you

To tap into this benefit, sign-up to one of our premium accounts, packed to the brim with perks and intelligent money management tools. With N26 You and Metal accounts, you can enjoy: