Scorpio: your financial horoscope

Secretive, loyal and passionate, Scorpios love to bask in life’s mysteries. Find out what makes this sign tick, and how they deal with their finances in this article.

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If your birthday is between October 24 and November 22, then you’re a Scorpio — maybe the most fascinating of the twelve star signs. In this article, we’ll reveal the traits that make Scorpios so compelling — just like in the other articles in our star signs x N26 series, where we dig deep into the traits of all the star signs, including how they deal with money. Whether or not you believe that horoscopes can tell the future, the hundred-year-old characteristics associated with these twelve signs can help with understanding how you — and others — tick.  

So let’s dig into the central traits of Scorpios, and particularly, their financial wheelings and dealings. Who knows: You might recognize yourself in these descriptions, and learn how to use your powers to take better charge of your finances!

The sign of Scorpio 

Scorpios are located on the eighth section of the zodiac, directly opposite Taurus. The sign is feminine and ruled by the planet Mars, named after the Roman god of war. Like Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, Scorpio is a fixed sign, characterized by fierce determination, perseverance, and courage. Scorpios are also associated with the element of water — just like Pisces and Cancer — which represents our inner world, intuition, and deep feelings. 

The symbol of Scorpio is similar to that of Virgo, though it wields a stinger instead of a sheath of wheat. Known in Latin as “Scorpius,” this constellation is perhaps the most brilliant in the night sky: 11 of its stars have a magnitude (a measure of the brightness of stars) of 3 or higher. Of the 88 known constellations, this is the largest number of such bright stars. The Sumerians first discovered the constellation, naming it Išḫara after the Syrian Goddess of the underworld. In Greek mythology, the Scorpion is related to its neighbor, Orion, a well-known constellation. Orion was a hunter, and legend has it that he was killed by the sting of a scorpion — and that the enemies continue to chase each other in the night sky. In ancient China, Scorpius symbolized a dragon. When it appeared in the sky, spring was on its way (or so the saying went). All this goes to show that Scorpio has fascinated humans for thousands of years, representing the underworld, death, and the onset of winter. 

Typical Scorpio traits 

Although Scorpio is a fixed sign, it stands for monumental change. Scorpios live through deep personal crises, asking profound questions and (sometimes) experiencing tremendous sorrow. And yet, they come out of these periods of reflection with more energy and motivation — until the next cycle begins! 

Intense feelings are typical for a Scorpio, as is their contemplative nature. Some signs might be content with a simple, straightforward answer, but Scorpios want to know everything. They notice and analyze each small detail of their environment, especially when it comes to other people. That picture-perfect life on Instagram? It won’t impress a Scorpio. They prefer to philosophize about the world, interrogating bitter truths about the human condition the way other people sip on a latte. This trait gives Scorpios a certain mystique.  

However, some people don’t cope well with the emotional ups and downs of this water sign. That’s why those with a Scorpio star sign tend to be loners, and fall in love less frequently. This is because of their inherent mistrust of others. Scorpios know how much of our world is a facade, so they tread carefully, preferring to stay in control. But when you’ve earned a Scorpio’s trust, you’ve got a friend for life. Their loyalty knows no bounds — unless, of course, a more flighty sign like Aries or Gemini betrays them. That’s something a Scorpio will never forget — which might be why they’re often described as vengeful or as having difficulty letting things go. Even this trait is somehow admirable, though. Scorpios have a strong need to dive into research and sink their teeth into what’s important to them. Once they’ve pondered enough and felt enough, they can finally move on to the next thing.

Other traits that define a Scorpio 

Intense, built for big feelings, and sometimes suspicious and resentful: Scorpios don’t exactly do anything in moderation. That’s certainly true when it comes to quality. Good food, the finest wine, luxury cosmetics, and impeccable fashion are as important for many Scorpios as challenging hobbies and passionate sex. Those with this star sign are real pleasure seekers. If the orange juice isn’t ice cold and freshly pressed, they’d prefer to not have any at all. They’ve got no time for junk food, fast fashion, or trash TV. On the other hand, they sometimes take things a bit too seriously, and their demanding disposition can test the patience of more relaxed, frugal friends.

The same goes for their careers. Scorpions work extremely hard — sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Burnout is common, and people with a sun or rising sign in Scorpio may tend toward the extremes in general. They crave tension, so when life is trucking along just fine, they might not be able to enjoy it. Just like Leos, this star sign is bursting with passion. Their lust for adventure and novelty even manifests on vacation. Instead of lounging by the pool, Scorpios tend to head for mountain hikes, exploring Europe by bike, or traveling in the Outback with a camper van

Unlike proud Leos, however, Scorpios don’t like to be the center of attention. Despite their attractive aura, they keep others at a distance, so as to better observe and experience their environment. This gives this star sign a sense of security and protection from nasty surprises. Indeed, their strengths come not from their poisonous stingers, but from their piercing, analytical minds. 

Scorpios and money 

Now you know the main character traits of a Scorpio. But how do they deal with money? Let’s find out. 

The financial traits of a Scorpio 

Scorpio is a sign of extremes, not necessarily of balance. This is also true for their finances. Sometimes their account balances keep going up, while other times they drift dangerously toward zero. But not to worry — Scorpios need this fluctuation to keep things interesting. Often it’s when they’re nearly broke that they first start saving — and do so with the same voracity that they blow their salary on a designer bag. 

Given this, it’s no wonder that Scorpios are often self-employed. A stable job with a predictable income and no pressure or excitement would be far too boring. Thanks to their intellectual prowess and need for control, Scorpios actually always know what state their finances are in. They never leave anything to chance: Even when they play with fire, their risks are calculated ones. This makes managing a joint account in a relationship especially tricky for the other partner. However, it may never come to this, as Scorpios prefer to keep their cards close to their chest. Given the choice, they’ll probably manage their money solo. 

Scorpios may be tempted to invest in stocks or crypto to attempt to grow their savings. But first, they’ll inform themselves about the different types and possible risks. A temporary loss won’t deter them, either. Life is full of highs and lows, and who knows this better than a Scorpio? Even if things don’t go their way — financially or otherwise — they come out of the situation wiser and with more resolve. Giving up simply isn’t an option. 

Get your finances in order — no matter your star sign 

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