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Instant banking with N26—use your new card to make payments before it even arrives

Waiting for your physical card to arrive? No need! Start spending right away by adding yours to your mobile wallet. Find out more about our latest feature here.

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In these times of global uncertainty, we’re all trying to spend more time indoors and adjust our lifestyles to our new reality. And of course, as we adapt, it’s also essential to be able to access and manage your money from home as usual.

With N26, you can already control your finances from the comfort of your four-walls—and now, we’ve developed another handy feature that makes this experience that little bit more flexible. To help you out if you’re not leaving the house or your area is experiencing postal restrictions, new and existing customers can now pay with their new card without waiting for the physical one to arrive in the mail.

Skip the wait for card delivery

What does this mean exactly? It’s simple. If you’re a new customer and you’ve just verified your N26 account, you can now add your new card straight to your mobile wallet. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start making card payments right away—we just recommend that you use our quick and easy top up options first to make sure you have funds available in your account.

Although you won’t be able to withdraw cash from ATMs or use CASH26 quite yet, you can enjoy spending up to €200 a day with the mobile wallet on your smartphone, for up to 30 days. To continue using it after this time is up, just make sure that you’ve activated your physical card when you get it.

To get started, all you have to do is find the digital version of your card under Card Settings in the N26 app, and select Add to Google Pay or Add to Apple Pay. And that’s it, easy!

Previously, you could only make card payments once your Mastercard was delivered after a few days. Now, you can skip the wait and use your account immediately—it’s almost as if you already had your physical Mastercard in your pocket all along.

Extra virtual card

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Your N26 Mastercard—simple, fast, and reliable

Of course, if you’ve upgraded to one of our premium N26 You or Metal accounts or reordered your card because it was lost or stolen, you can also continue making card payments with your existing account while you wait for your physical card. Even if there’s a slight disruption in getting your Mastercard to you in the next few weeks, enjoy that extra peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, you can continue to use your account for card payments as usual.

Your digital wallet is easy-to-use, safe and reliable, so you can go ahead and spend your money with confidence.

Banking-from-home, right at your fingertips

In light of the Covid-19 crisis, we’re more determined than ever to make your banking experience as effortless as possible. We’ll continue to deliver you the best possible service and functionality, and bring you efficient mobile payment solutions that help you make the switch to managing your finances remotely, as well as going cashless where possible.

After all, as we’re all asked to stay at home for the coming days and possibly weeks, it only makes sense that you can continue banking from the comfort of your home without disruption.

Please note: These limits are valid temporarily until the end of 2020 and may be subject to change. N26 reserves the right to change the period of validity if necessary. After this period the conditions of our Terms and Conditions for "Digital Wallets" apply to you.

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