N26 is launching in Switzerland.

N26 celebrates its 26th market launch

We’ve landed in Switzerland—learn more about our latest launch and how we’re taking borderless banking to the next level.

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We’ve made it—N26 is officially live in Switzerland! With another country under our belt, we’re delighted to be helping even more people live and bank their own way in 26 markets around the world.

Following on from our successful launch in the US this summer, we’re now offering Swiss customers a choice of two memberships in Switzerland—a free standard bank account and the free business bank account in euro. Both come with a German IBAN, let you bank in euro and provide all the regular perks such as no foreign exchange fees on card transactions worldwide, and up to 5 free euro ATM withdrawals within the EU.

Whether you’re a Swiss resident who regularly hops over the border to work, travel or shop in the Eurozone, an international student living in the country, or simply looking for a hassle-free way to manage your money without hidden fees, N26 takes the stress out of traveling in Europe by letting you spend your euros like a local. On top of this, our free business membership for freelancers and the self-employed makes your finances go further by building on the same borderless banking and offering 0.1% cashback on purchases.

Our euro accounts are ideal for those who regularly travel for business and leisure into the Eurozone. By bypassing ATM and markup fees in Europe, N26 users can avoid additional costs and enjoy the extra level of flexibility that comes with banking on-the-go.

Of course, all the regular features of an N26 bank account are also there, including instant notifications for all transactions, Spaces sub-accounts for your savings goals, Apple Pay and money transfers in real-time. Alongside the advantages of our intuitive mobile banking app, you will also benefit from the added security of opening an account with a fully-licensed German bank.

Our latest launch delivers Swiss residents the best of both worlds—a better way to manage money and the option to withdraw euros in the Eurozone like a local. It’s the next step in borderless banking, and another way we’re working to streamline and simplify your everyday.

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