Insurtech—the new force taking on the insurance industry

Find out everything you need to know about Insurtech, the new disruptive force shaking up the insurance industry and how it might affect you.
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You’ve probably heard of fintech, the technology startups disrupting the finance industry. Well, the insurance industry has a term for its disrupters too—insurtech. While it’s still in its early stages, there are lots of exciting changes coming for customers and insurance companies alike. 

What is insurtech?

Insurtech is the term given to companies who are using technology to innovate and disrupt the insurance industry. As you might have guessed, it’s the meeting point of ‘insurance’ and ‘technology’. It’s been popularized by new, disruptive companies and products that capitalize on the inefficiencies of older, established providers. Today, there are startup incubators dedicated to just insurtech, and larger companies are collaborating with startups to update their offerings.From mobile apps to big data and AI, the leading insurtech companies use a range of innovative tools to shake up the insurance industry. 

How does insurtech work?

The technology that insurtech startups use can really vary. But they all have one goal—to rival big, established companies and grow their market share by solving problems for customers. Compared to other industries and products, the slow, cumbersome processes of the traditional insurance models leave many customers dissatisfied. Today, people want to be able to buy their travel insurance with a tap of the finger, not work through stacks of forms. Insurtech startups recognize this and want to do something about it.

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Traditional insurance models work by sorting customers into groups by their risk category. These groups are pretty broad, which means that some people in the group will end up paying more for their policy than they should. By contrast, insurtech startups are trying to use real data, instead of statistical models, to create smaller, tailored risk categories. This makes it easier for them to offer a more competitive pricing strategy.Cheaper insurance is great for customers, but there are other benefits to insurtech when it’s done well. These include products and platforms that are faster, more intuitive, and tailored to the individual.Here are some other ways insurtech companies are changing things up:
  • Using data from wearables and social platforms to create more tailored policies
  • Pivoting away from hard copy documents and instead using online forms and digital signatures to keep the process easy and accessible
  • Bringing together disparate policies and products onto one, easy-to-use platform—like mobile apps
  • Harnessing AI to take on tasks that were formally done by an insurance broker

Why is insurtech important?

Even though the insurance industry is a tightly regulated, complex business with many legal obligations—exciting changes are starting to happen. First, there’s the potential to make pricing more competitive. Other people’s risk categories shouldn’t impact the amount you pay for insurance. Insurtech makes it possible for your insurance to be tailored to your own health, finances, lifestyle, and personal priorities.There’s also the potential to process and settle claims more quickly, improve the industry’s infrastructure, and introduce scenario-based policies. Wouldn’t it be great to borrow a friend’s car for an afternoon and get insurance coverage with just a swipe of a finger?As other areas of our lives are improved by the technological revolution—banking, healthcare, communications—why should insurance be left behind? Some people may find insurance boring, but it’s an important way to protect your financial future—so the more accessible it is, the better.

Is insurtech easy to use?

As with any advance in technology, improving the user experience and the user interface of digital products is a key part of insurtech. Many startups are focused on getting customers to the right product as quickly as possible. This helps customers avoid complicated forms and long hold times on the phone. Unless you struggle with technology or have a need to communicate often with  a broker or financial advisor, you will likely find insurtech the easiest option to use.

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  • What is insurtech?
  • How does insurtech work?
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  • Why is insurtech important?
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