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Here’s how N26 is building a simple, beautiful user-experience for the 21st century

Banking with N26 is streamlined and enjoyable, and fully centered around our customers. Here’s how our app is delivering the best mobile banking experience today.

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N26’s journey began back in 2013 as a response to a banking industry that had always been institutional and dysfunctional for the majority. We wanted to move people away from a rigidly traditional, old-fashioned system—one that was actually a cause of stress for so many.

N26’s Bank Account Product Evolution

To do this, we stripped the way that people manage their money down to the basics, and tried to understand what they really needed from their bank in the 21st century. The answer? A 100% mobile banking experience to live on the smartphone, one that’s a joy to use, flexible and transparent, and fully centered around the user.

Today, N26’s passion continues to build on the fundamental principles of banking, while also serving the modern-day individual. Through extensive research, we know that a bank should offer so much more than a convenient way to make a payment—the relationship shouldn’t just be transactional, there also needs to be an emotional link. We’re building an experience that recognizes this, empowers people to achieve their financial goals, and lets them bank and live their way. And when it comes to our app, we’d like to show you how we’re doing it right now:

A beautifully-designed Home section

We developed the N26 app to be personal, proactive and beautifully simple for you to use. Take the Home section, for example—here you’ll find everything in one place, with a clear design that’s easy to navigate so you never feel lost. Whatever you’re doing—whether its tracking how much you’ve spent on groceries that week, setting up a Rule for a recurring payment, hiding your balance from prying eyes during your morning commute, or downloading your balance statement to file a physical copy—the N26 app makes it happen, and the experience is smooth and intuitive.

Simply put, this section is much smarter than a basic overview of all your transactions in chronological order. Instead, it goes deeper by providing additional context, highlighting key payments and extra information about where and how you spend your money.

Extra flexibility with sub-accounts

Alongside providing you with all the essentials at a glance, the app is there to offer that extra flexibility and control over your money. With our Spaces sub-accounts—that sit alongside your main account—you can set money aside in seconds or save up for that trip you’ve been planning. Worried you might dip back into the funds you’ve put away? No problem, we’ll help you stay in check—you can lock your space so you can’t touch what’s in there.

And if you’re more into managing your finances with others, such as pooling money together with flatmates to pay bills or saving up for a birthday gift with family, Shared Spaces lets you do that too with up to 10 people. We’ve evolved the app to enable you to make more financial decisions, at your own pace.

Save up with Spaces

Use N26 Spaces sub-accounts to easily organize your money and save up for your goals.
Discover sub-accounts
Different N26 spaces to save money.

Explore more options

Our customers need to have as much choice as possible when it comes to choosing how they bank. So, just as Spaces sub-accounts give you additional control, our financial products are there to help you out if you need a little more wiggle room in your day-to-day. You’ll find your options laid out nicely in the handy Explore tab, and all it takes is a few taps to activate them.

If you’re a N26 You or Metal customer, this screen is also where you’ll find the benefits currently available to you from partner brands such as WeWork, GetYourGuide and We’ve made sure that these change all the time, so you can pick and choose whichever suits you best.

Better control with Actions

Whatever you need to do, we believe you should be able to do it right away—no hassle, no waiting around. This is where our Actions tab comes in. Whether it’s making a bank transfer, viewing your most recent payments, instantly sending and receiving money between N26 users with MoneyBeam, or changing the personal settings of your account, this section is always on-hand to help you perform any task. The Action tab is also where, with a quick scroll and a tap of an icon, you’ll find your nearest ATM or CASH26 retail partner to withdraw and deposit money.

And it doesn’t end there. As we do with all areas of our banking experience, we’ll always continue to optimize and build on the above, and much more, in the future. By rolling out further updates and intelligent features, we’ll ensure that the app remains as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, with the essentials always at your fingertips.

The bank account that gives you more control

Spend and save with confidence, and discover a better way to manage your money
Get bank account (new tab)
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