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Your travel bucket list: 10 experiences worth saving for in 2020

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It’s the prevailing irony of our student years—we’ve more time to travel, yet none of the financial freedom enjoyed by our working professional counterparts. In search of inspiration for the quintessential traveling destinations to save towards this year, we’ve asked real student members of our N26 Campus Ambassador community about the life-changing trips they’ve taken recently.

In no particular order, here are 10 of our favorite picks across the four corners of the globe, submitted to us by the Campus Crew:

1. Swimming with sharks in Belize, Central America

With home to more than 450 islands, there’s no shortage of swimming, snorkeling or diving destinations in this Central American paradise. These UNESCO-protected reefs offer a chance to submerge yourself and join a world of rays, tuna and nurse sharks (yes, the friendly kind). Other main attractions for the bucket list also include the Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef, and for on-land adventures, climbing the ancient Mayan ruins.

2. Visiting Itsukushima Island, Japan

This small island in Hiroshima is often referred to as Japan’s ‘Island of the Gods.’ Marking the entrance to the Itsukushima Shrine, the iconic orange Torii Gate gives an otherworldly floating illusion during high tide. The island is also home to the sacred Mount Misen, a vantage point for breathtaking views of the ocean, rewarding those that have hiked to its summit (the highest on the island). As Italian Campus Crew member Luca recalls, “after descending the summit the tide had changed, so I could walk to that same Tori gate that was submerged… it was a magical experience.”

3. Driving along the beaches of New South Wales, Australia

Did you know that if you visited a new beach ‘down under’ every day, it would take you more than 27 years to see them all? It’s a little known fact that certain stretches of Aussie coastline permit sand driving and even offer tours if you’d rather sit back and leave the driving to the locals. In particular, Stockton Beach in New South Wales offers a 32km-long stretch along the East Coast—from here, you can spot shipwreck remnants and the historic ‘Tin City’ settlement amongst the sand dunes.

4. Dog sledding in Siberia, Russia

Gliding across the snow in a husky-powered sled is the epitome of a winter wonderland trip. Siberia in Russia is the birthplace of the famous sled dog breed, hosting breathtaking natural wonders like Baikal Lake and the taiga forests which help set the backdrop for your arctic adventures. If you can brave temperatures as low as −25 °C, head for an unforgettable experience between the months of November and March.

5. Road-tripping through the Navajo Desert, USA

You don’t have to be a Western movie buff to be left awe-struck by the rock formations of Monument Valley (though you’ll certainly feel like the star of one). A loop drive takes you around the formations found on the Arizona-Utah border. Georg, from our Vienna Campus Crew community, emphasizes getting up nice and early for the sunrise as a pro tip: “to this day I get goosebumps when thinking of the sun rising behind those crazy mountains, while Najavo Indians rode around on their horses.”

6. Camping under the stars in Wadi Rum, Jordan

For the eco-adventurous, the limestone valley of Wadi Rum offers everything from ‘glamping’ experiences, to more rigorous climbing and trekking. A trip to Jordan can’t be made without marvelling at the ancient city of Petra, ‘The Rose City’, with its tombs and temples carved into the sandstone cliffs.

7. Hopping around Isla Holbox, Mexico

This island destination lies in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, just a 20-minute ferry ride from the mainland. With no cars on the island, you’ll hop across one of Mexico’s best kept secrets by golf buggy (and to the surprise of German Campus Ambassador Lorenz, the golf buggies even accept N26 card payments!) The island provides an abundance of wildlife ranging from flamingos, sea turtles to whale sharks. It also has a reputation for its colorful murals and laid back vibe.

8. Finding the best pizza in Naples, Italy

The birthplace of the pizza Napolitana, Naples is a vibrant city offering a wealth of culture and architecture—not to mention the world famous archaeological site of Pompeii. For Campus Crew member William, however, immersing oneself in the city’s way of life is the best memory of all. Thinking back to his trip, he says, “it was the experience of being with people in a culture founded entirely on love. Love of food, love of family, and most importantly love of community.”

9. Wildlife-spotting in the Tatra Mountains, Poland and Slovakia

This mountain range forms the natural border between Slovakia and Poland. As a biosphere reserve, it’s known for its stunning scenery without the same price tag as the Alps. On a clear day, the 360-degree panorama of Rysy’s summit rewards hikers with a surrounding view of more than 100 peaks in the distance.

10. Winding between the Andaman Islands in a long-tail, Thailand

The sheer beauty of the Andaman Islands is no secret, so breaking free from the crowds across the islands can be a bit of a challenge. However, pack your snorkel and be prepared to venture out to some of the more secluded swimming bays to compliment your boat tour (such as Viking Beach or Nui). If you visit the monkey beach near Phi Phi Island, keep your valuables close—Giulio from our Campus Crew Italy warns that the monkeys are cheeky experts at snatching your valuables, so keep that shiny N26 metal card hidden!

Your money at N26

If you’re keen to plan a once-in-a-lifetime trip in 2020, borrow a travel idea from one of our Campus Ambassadors, and be sure to take your N26 bank card with you wherever you go! Plan a budget with Spaces sub-accounts in the lead up to your adventure and get extra peace of mind from the comprehensive travel insurance that accompanies an N26 You account.

If you’re a student and keen to earn some extra cash in preparation, why not become a Campus Crew member yourself? N26 gives you additional perks for referring N26 to your wide social network.

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