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N26 has been reviewed by customers all around the world and we love hearing from you. Your feedback informs everything we do.

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Since we launched N26 in 2013, we’ve always listened to your reviews and comments in order to deliver an even better product for our 7 million customers across 25 countries.

We’ve received over 300,000 5-star reviews in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, as well as thousands of suggestions from our customers. It’s important for us to review both the positive and critical feedback to improve our products and services. Here are just a few reviews from customers just like you.

It is easy to transfer money on-the-go or track things in the app

"Whenever I tell people about my N26 account, what I like to bring up is how functional I find it. I like to focus on how easy it is to transfer money on-the-go or to track things in the app. I feel like it doesn't add anything to my to-do list so helps me take care of things as they come up." — Stephanie

I'm always happy when I get push-notifications instantly

"When I use N26, I'm always happy when I get push-notifications instantly, because it works so quickly, and I can always be sure that all the transactions I've made have gone through correctly." — Vasily

You can do transfers from anywhere, and get a complete overview on your phone

"It works really quickly, it only takes minutes to open an account and online banking is simply amazing. You can do transfers from anywhere, and get a complete overview on your phone. Just download the app and you have a complete overview of everything." — Kim

They are making the lives of foreigners moving to Germany much easier

"When I first moved to Germany I needed my bank account to get money out of South America really fast, and I needed to renew my visa. I needed it all to be really quick, and I don't think I could have done that with any other bank. If I could say anything to the N26 team, it would be that they are making the lives of foreigners moving to Germany much easier." — Sofia

I could even convince my parents to use it

"I convinced people to sign up for N26 by basically explaining to them that it gives you everything a normal bank does, just in an app. I could even convince my parents to use it. It just makes their lives easier, and anything that makes their lives easier, makes my life easier." — Lucas

N26 has been covered by media all around the world

We launched N26 from our home in Berlin, Germany, and have since expanded across Europe. We’ve enjoyed coverage from all of our market countries and beyond, thanks to the international potential of our product. Here’s a preview of what journalists and media outlets have been saying about us.

N26 is a well-designed native app—it’s like drinking a glass of ice water in hell.

Romain Dillet, TechCrunch (2015)

I’ve been using N26 for eight months now, and one particular word comes to mind when describing my experience: smooth.

Jordan Bishop, Forbes (2017)

This kind of seamless experience is exactly what N26 co-founder and CEO Valentin Stalf set out to achieve when he started the company three years ago.

Oscar Lopez, Mashable (2016)

Today N26 is the role model for the best user experience in mobile banking in Europe.

Tomasz Grynkiewicz, Netguru, (2019)

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