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Our interest calculator will help you to quickly and easily carry out various interest and yield calculations. With this financial tool you can, for example, calculate the interest on your savings deposits or forecast the future return on your investments.

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Interest Calculator

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Use the interest rate to calculate your future capital and interest income.

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How to use the interest calculator

The interest calculator is very easy to use. All you have to do is enter some basic information, such as:

  • your amount of money
  • the interest rate in percent (maximum 30%)
  • the term in years (maximum 100 years)

Our interest calculator automatically uses the compound interest effect.


It is the result of the initial amount plus the interest, dividends or other returns made during the investment period.

"Interest paid" shows you the interest you have received over the specified period.

Interest rates play an important role in investing. For example, if you invest money in a savings account or investment, you can earn interest as a return. However, the level of interest depends on the type of investment and market developments. Overall, interest rates are a fundamental aspect of finance and play an important role in evaluating credit, investments, and other financial matters.

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