What is mobile phone insurance & how much does it cost?

Depending on the plan you choose, mobile phone insurance covers the cost of your phone in the event of theft, damage, or even loss.

But which plan is right for you? Consult our guide to find the coverage that fits your needs.

hand holding a smartphone with broken screen.

What is phone insurance?

Phone insurance is a policy that protects you from having to pay to replace or repair your cell phone if it’s lost, damaged, or stolen. You sign up and pay a recurring fee and in return, the insurer pays the cost of replacing or repairing your phone.

Damage coverage usually protects against issues like cracked screens, water damage, and faulty devices. Loss and theft coverage often includes financial compensation or replacement of the missing device.

How much does phone insurance cost?

Phone insurance costs around €8–15 per month, and annual cover tends to be cheaper. It depends on the model and age of your phone, as well as the extent of the coverage that you choose.

When you open an N26 Metal account, your phone is covered up to €1,000 in the event of theft or damage. The policy is included in the cost of your bank account, with no additional monthly fees.

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Benefits of insuring your cell phone

Some phone insurance policies offer add-ons such as battery replacement, overseas usage, content recovery, multiple device coverage, and unauthorized usage protection. Or find a plan with fast-track replacement, so you can get your new phone and be back online ASAP.

Phone insurance with N26 Metal

With our premium N26 Metal and Business Metal accounts, customers enjoy bespoke special offers from partner brands, as well as extensive insurance options like travel insurance, vehicle rental, and more.

Both Metal accounts include mobile phone insurance to protect your phone in the event of theft or damage up to €1,000. Best of all, the insurance is included in the price of your Metal account, so you don’t have to do any extra paperwork.

How to claim phone insurance with N26

With your premium N26 Metal and Business Metal phone insurance policy, you can submit a claim whenever you need to. Make sure you have the proof of purchase on hand, as well as the incident number from the police report you filed when it went missing. Then open your N26 app, click the Metal tab, and tap ‘Make a claim.’ For more help, visit our guide on how to make an insurance claim with N26.

What to do when you lose your phone?

If your phone is lost or stolen, immediately report the missing device to your network provider so they can block anyone else from using it. You also need to report the theft or loss to the nearest police station, and they will provide an incident number that you’ll need to use when making an insurance claim with your policy provider. Just in case someone accesses your phone, we’d also recommend changing the passwords of any important accounts or apps.

What does phone insurance cover?

Standard mobile phone insurance usually protects against theft and accidental damage. This can include repairing a cracked screen, water damage, or replacing it if your smartphone is stolen. Loss coverage generally costs a bit more, but will cover replacing the smartphone in the event you lose it yourself.

How much does phone insurance cost?

Mobile phone insurance usually costs between €8–15 a month, depending on the value of the smartphone. With an N26 Metal account, smartphone insurance is included in the monthly price of the bank account, and covers theft and damage up to €1,000.

How to claim phone insurance?

When making a phone insurance claim you need an official incident number from the police if it was stolen, or lost property number in the event of loss, or, details of the incident if it was damaged. You will also need proof of purchase. Contact the policy provider with all the information to make the insurance claim.

Does N26 provide phone insurance?

N26 Metal premium accounts include a mobile phone insurance policy with the price of the bank account, which covers smartphone theft or damage up to €1,000.