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An Expat’s Guide: how to open a bank account in the UK
Banking Basics: all about ATM cash machines
Foreign transaction fees to look out for when using your debit card abroad
To Tip or Not to Tip? Navigating Tipping Culture in Germany
Tipping in Spain—how does it work?
What is shrinkflation? How to avoid paying more for less
Tipping in France: what you need to know
N26 x NordVPN — Save big on your VPN plan
10 in-demand types of freelance jobs you can land tomorrow
How much do freelancers make? A guide to the average freelancer salary
Deposit protection scheme: why your money is protected
SEPA transfers made easy–everything you need to know
Want to Travel to Spain? Here's where you should visit
How to Budget and What to See if You Travel to the UK
How to travel with friends without any financial stress
When’s the best time to book flights?
How to travel on a budget
Lost your debit card? Here’s what to do.
How to save money for a trip in 10 simple steps
Trip cancellation insurance—why you might need it
What exactly is duty free
Beyond the gold: What pro athletes really earn
Unlock your best summer yet with Spaces
Your guide to passive income
What is an investment portfolio? Creating and managing your investments
Automated investing, demystified: what is it and how does it work?
What is options trading? The different types, strategies, and risks
What is the cost of attendance at university?
N26 tools to help you keep your vacation spending in check
Strategy and Ops Associate Stephan Schulz on how his university studies impacted his life
Different types of trading and strategies to get started
What are bonds?
How inflation can deplete your hard-earned money, and ways to fight it
The myth of starting early: Why it’s never too late to start investing
Shockingly simple ways your passwords can get stolen
What does the average wedding cost? How to plan your day
The ECB’s key interest rate: what it is and how it affects you
N26's Complete Guide to Secure Online Banking
How digital identity verification keeps your account secure
Banking Basics: your guide to EU banking acronyms
How to enjoy wedding season without the financial hangover
How to save on international money transfers
What is a crypto token?
Best ways to send money online internationally
A beginner's guide: What is trading and how does it work?
Navigating the stock market: How does it really work?
What are mutual funds? Types, fees, and FAQs
Investment for beginners: what is investing and how to easily get started
What are stocks? A complete walkthrough for beginner investors
What are stock options? Understanding how they work
What are financial markets? Definitions, functions, and types of financial markets
What Is an ETF? An Overview for Beginner Investors
What is Bitcoin halving — and why should you care?
What is freelancing and how does it work?
The NIE in Spain: Your questions, answered
What is a digital nomad visa?
How to save money each month
What is crypto staking and how does it work?
What is crypto mining?
What is a crypto wallet?
How to open a bank account in Europe
What is a blockchain?
What is Dogecoin (DOGE) and how does it work?
What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?
Cryptocurrency vs. stocks: what’s the difference?
What is the digital euro and how does it work?
A how-to guide for creating your own NFT
Is cryptocurrency safe? Things to be aware of
What is DeFi? A beginner’s guide to decentralized finance
Bitcoin | How do private and public keys work?
What is cryptocurrency? A guide for beginners
10 popular types of cryptocurrency and how they work
The pros and cons of cryptocurrency: A guide for new investors
What is an NFT?
How to Save and Where to Go if You Travel to Portugal
How N26 will contact you — and how we won’t
Tax relief–how different European countries tax working from home
How to file your 2023 tax return in France
VAT: Everything you need to know about value-added tax in France
Being an Expat in Munich: A Guide to Housing, Jobs, and German Culture
Being an Expat in Hamburg: A Guide to Housing, Jobs, and German Culture
Being an Expat in Frankfurt: A Guide to Housing, Jobs, and German Culture
Being an Expat in Berlin: A Guide to Housing, Jobs, and German Culture
What to include in your family budget
Solo, pal, or pet dates: Doing Valentine's Day, your way
How to start saving as a group
Joint account or N26 Shared Spaces? Comparing the options
To tie the knot or not: what marriage means for your finances
Moving in together: tips to manage monthly expenses
Managing your money in relationships that go against the norm
Top tips for discussing money as a couple
Overcoming financial inequalities to thrive as a couple
Money and marriage—managing your costs as a couple
How modern couples manage joint finances
Our top financial security resolutions for a safer 2023
Navigating finances and family dynamics
Taxes in France⁠—a practical guide
When N26 Met Mastercard
How to open a bank account in Austria the easy way
How to open a bank account in Slovenia
How to open a bank account in Sweden
How to open a bank account in Liechtenstein
Cybersecurity and operational resilience: challenges for the financial sector
Tokenization of financial assets
Dive into N26 Crypto with these top features
Scorpio: your financial horoscope
Trading vs. Investing: Understanding the Key Differences
What to know before you start investing
How much do you need to save to enjoy your retirement?
What’s the difference between gross pay and net pay?
What are wages?
What does inflation mean for you and your money?
Stagflation Explained: From Stocks to Real Estate
How Millennials and Gen Z are rethinking retirement
Why the dream of homeownership is unattainable for many
Easy ways to make money and improve your finances
Capricorn: Your financial horoscope
Taurus: your financial horoscope
What’s an offshore account? A step-by-step guide to banking internationally
What is a term deposit and how does it work?
What is a recession and how long will it last?
What is deflation—and what does it mean for the economy?
What is compound interest? A beginner's guide
How to choose the right type of savings account
Making your money work for you: What to do when you have extra cash
Beyond Veganuary: How a greener diet could lead to a greener wallet
Always want to be in the know? You’ve got a lot in common with mindful Marco
Here’s how to pay with Google Pay
Where to buy clothes online—our review of 5 European fashion retailers
What is financial freedom?
Self-employed in Germany? Taxes, tips, and more
Freelancing FAQs: everything you need to know about freelancing
Why is personal branding important: Top tips for your freelance business
4 of the best freelance platforms to support & grow your business
The ins and outs of sustainable investing
How to set freelance rates & decide your pricing
Freelance portfolio: What is it and how to build it from scratch
How to kick-start your freelance career
How to start your own business
How to get clients as a freelancer | Find freelance work
How to become a freelancer: a step-by-step guide
When are the 2021 tax deadlines for freelancers?
Your guide to VAT in Austria
How to save money fast: 17 tips to grow your savings
Cost of living in Spain: real numbers to help you budget better
The how, where, and what of Bitcoin's upcoming 2024 halving event
How to transfer money from one bank to another
Women and financial literacy: Closing the gender gap
How to budget for household expenses
Living on a budget—6 money saving steps to a lower cost lifestyle
How to support your family on a single income
Saving for a big purchase? Here’s how to set yourself up for success
How to save money for kids—from baby gear to college tuition
5 smart budgeting tips for first-time savers
The 50/30/20 rule: how to budget your money more efficiently
How to start saving for a new project in the new year
What is an emergency and rainy day fund? Here’s how to set one up
How much does a kitchen remodel cost? — a budgeting guide
How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom? — a budget blueprint
How to open a bank account in Italy online
Banking Basics: EU banking rules and regulations
Vacation inspiration: 5 unique travel ideas for any budget
N26 and SHARE NOW make carsharing easy—explore your offer now
N26 x discover smarter travel
How do savings accounts earn interest?
N26 x Philips — Get up to 25% off home appliances
Working remotely with the digital nomad visa in Italy
How to buy cryptocurrency with N26
Want to go 100% digital? Say hello to N26 Standard
New in N26: Make your money work for you
Your guide to freelancing as an expat in Italy
Being an expat in Madrid: a guide to housing, work, and culture in Spain
Being an expat in Seville: a guide to housing, work, and culture in Spain
New in N26: features for easier-than-ever finances
How to read crypto charts on N26
Budgeting for freelancers: a how-to guide
Can I get a free business bank account as a freelancer?
Being an expat in Valencia: a guide to housing, work, and culture in Spain
How to register as a freelancer: All you need to know
Why become a freelancer? Here’s why freelancing is a fantastic career choice
Use iDEAL with your N26 account
10 High-Demand Freelance Jobs You Can Land Tomorrow
How to be a freelancer in Germany
An expat’s guide to cost of living in Italy
How expensive is it to live in Germany? An overview of (almost) every cost
Your ultimate guide to being self-employed in Spain
How to work remotely in Germany with a digital nomad visa
When should you start freelancing?
The Cost of Living in France
Nine of the best coworking spaces in Europe
Being an expat in Barcelona: a guide to housing, work, and culture in Spain
Work Remotely in Spain: A Guide to Getting a Digital Nomad Visa
The N26 Maestro Card
How to work remotely in France: a guide to digital nomad visas
Sagittarius: your financial horoscope
Tipping in Italy: a guide to Italian tipping culture
Your guide to VAT in Germany
Banking Basics: getting started
How to smash your winter sports dreams without freezing your finances
The Difference Between Visa and Mastercard - N26
N26 now has 500.000 customers
Your sign to get your finances in shape
What N26 will do to help in case of fraud
How much does a car cost? A guide to the average cost of owning a car
What is a debt management plan and how does it work?
What is Euribor and how does it affect you?
Festival season is here — how to set your budget
Everything you need to know—but were never told—about your bank account number
Making extra money this summer
How to keep your money safe when you shop online
Banking Basics: ATM fees
Banking basics: all about cash
How much does it cost to have a baby? A guide to the average cost of starting a family
Star signs and finances — a beginner’s guide to the the zodiac
Aquarius: your financial horoscope
Pisces: your financial horoscope
Gemini: your financial horoscope
Cancer: Your financial horoscope
How Leos handle money
Virgo: your financial horoscope
Libra: your financial horoscope
Aries: Your financial horoscope
How much does it cost to buy a house: what to look out for
A simple guide to taxes in Germany
Why we’re skipping New Year’s resolutions in 2024
Tax returns in Germany — what are the deadlines in 2024?
Treating yourself: How designer rentals make luxury affordable
How to create a strong password: 5 suggestions to help you beat hackers
Making a difference with your wallet this festive season
Buy Now, Pay Later: how to use installment shopping responsibly
The secret money lessons hidden in your Spotify Wrapped
The Updated 2023 European Digital Nomad Visa Guide
The taboo of credit card use in Europe
The high cost of keeping up appearances
How to have a more sustainable summer
The ultimate staycation guide
Minimalism: How a simpler lifestyle can help you save money
Starting from €0 in your 30s
N26 x Bolt — Get cashback on your rides
The (eye-watering) costs of Eurovision
The true costs of being carbon neutral
How to make money while decluttering your home
Why do we spend more during spring and summer?
Imposter syndrome: What is it and how can it impact your career?
Improving financial equity for women
How Millennial and Gen Z women are redefining their relationship with money
How to improve your work-life balance and avoid burnout
Do you have malware on your phone? Here's how to check
How to build a healthy relationship with your bank account
The Independent
The Power Player
The Nonchalant
The Pleasure Seeker
The Thrifter
The Strategist
Make 2023 the year you strengthen your saving habits
Inside the mind of online scammers: Kristen, Trust & Safety Analyst
Striking the balance between ease-of-use and best-in-class security: Cristofor, Product Security Engineer
Securing the borderline between product design and product usage: Kyle, Lead Trust & Safety
What is a bank guarantee?
5 popular holiday scams to watch out for this season
How inflation is impacting spending and saving in Europe
7 Tips for Working Safely Remotely
A brief guide to universal basic income
The 5 Best Visas for Digital Nomads in 2022
N26 x Grover—rent electronics the flexible way
Security risks of public Wi-Fi — and how to protect yourself
The motherhood penalty: what is it and how can we combat it?
Travel to the Netherlands—Where to Go and How to Budget for your Trip
How Europeans are traveling in 2022
Want to travel to Italy? Here’s where you should go.
How to avoid falling for grandparent scams
Romance scams: what are they and how to protect yourself
Team spotlight: Daria Milashenko, Executive Assistant to the CBO
Everything you need to know before you travel to Ireland
Everything you need to know before you travel to France
Internet shoppers young and old are falling for fake websites—here’s why
Pay from a Space with your N26 card
The ultimate guide to tipping in Europe
What is the CVC or CVV on credit cards?
CGO Alexander Weber on the practice and profession of entrepreneurship
Donate to Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin with N26
Jr. Technical Delivery Manager Kumi Gernhardt
N26 Monthly Wrap-Up: A new way to review your monthly spending
Austrian Team Lead Christian Strobl on how uni prepared him for his role at N26
COO & CFO Jan Kemper on the most important skill he learned at university
How to stay on top of your passwords with a password manager
Strategy & Ops Analyst Alejandro Pérez Ibiricu on the importance of teamwork
Why does N26 block accounts?
4 smart features for digital nomads
Team Spotlight: Customer Support Team Lead Danilo Andrade on How Life Can Surprise You
Team spotlight: Jr. Data Analyst Tamari Tsverikmazashvili on her journey to N26
What taxes are there in Austria?
Less life admin, more living. Introducing Spaces with IBANs
How to protect your digital identity
How to protect yourself when your phone is lost or stolen
How to avoid bank transfer scams
Which Europeans saved and spent the most in 2021?
How can you tell if an Instagram account is fake?
How to recognize a scam on Facebook
Why New Year’s resolutions fail (and how to save yours)
What is paid time off and how does it work?
Debt snowball vs. avalanche: What’s the best way to pay off debt?
How to negotiate salary: 10 tips for a better job offer
What’s the difference between salary and hourly pay?
N26 x FlixBus—explore Europe by bus with this special offer
What is annual salary?
What is a salary?
Looking ahead: Temporary changes to N26’s onboarding of new customers
How to protect your phone from hackers
COVID-19 gives rise to a new generation of money-savvy students
4 simple ways to avoid identity theft on social media
Digital banking is here to stay
Get N26 Income Sorter—the automatic way to save every time you get paid
The best bike tours in Europe
The 7 cheapest European cities to visit in 2023
The 10 European countries that drink the most coffee
The 5 European countries closest to a cashless future
5 strategies for coping with financial stress
6 budget-friendly sports to keep you and your finances fit
8 easy side hustles to earn some extra cash
5 things to spend money on that can boost your happiness
6 creative ways to save money and make budgeting fun
Fighting financial crime in a digital era
Protect yourself from smishing scams with this simple guide
Vishing — a growing threat
How to buy insurance online
Insurtech—the new force taking on the insurance industry
Debit card fraud—what you need to know
Your guide to travel medical insurance
How to manage costs as coparents
Introducing Split the Bill—split expenses with friends and family right from your N26 app
Mastercard 3-D Secure explained: how to stay safe when shopping online
Your guide to saving during the pandemic
Take control of your spending with N26 Insights
There’s a subscription for that
Introducing N26 Insurance—sign up to on-demand phone coverage from your N26 app
Kids and money—how to teach your kids financial literacy
N26 x Freeletics—your personal trainer in your pocket
N26 x Westwing—upgrade your home interiors
Trusted online stores for consumer electronics
The N26 guide to online sports equipment stores
How to buy groceries online with N26
Accept payments anywhere—save on SumUp Air card readers with N26 Perks
Here are 5 online furniture stores where you can shop with confidence
How COVID-19 has impacted the European economy
How to open a bank account in Iceland
How to open a bank account in Estonia
The rise of the gig economy has changed the way we work forever
How to open a bank account in Norway
How to open a bank account in Luxembourg
N26 x Dropbox—put your creative energy to work
A brief guide to opening a bank account in Slovakia
Remodeling your home? Here’s how to plan your budget
How to open a bank account in Denmark the easy way
Your guide to opening a bank account in Finland
Here’s how to open a bank account in Poland
Balance the Banknotes—celebrate International Women’s Day with N26’s AR effect
How to open a bank account in Portugal
How to open a bank account in Greece
How to open a bank account in Belgium
N26 celebrates 7 million customers
New PSD2 regulations and how N26 keeps your online payments secure
Mind over money: let’s talk about stress, baby
Epidemic and pandemic travel coverage—now included with N26 You and Metal
Mind over money: your mind and money, in sync
How to open a bank account in the Netherlands
How to open a bank account in Switzerland
How to open a bank account in Ireland the easy way
How to open a bank account in France the easy way
Save your spare change automatically with Round-Ups
Changing careers—how to be financially prepared
Sabbatical leave—what it means and how to finance it
Shop like a pro with our online shopping tips
How to save money while shopping online
Get organized with these shopping list ideas
Local online shopping tips to support your community
6 smart new year financial resolutions
How to save money on your gas bill and still stay warm
11 genius life hacks to save on your electric bill
How to switch your bank account in Germany
Real-time banking behind the scenes
“Secure” doesn’t have to mean inaccessible—N26 Security
What is an ATM skimmer? How to protect your bank account when withdrawing cash
Sub-accounts: today’s digital, porcelain-free piggy banks
How long does a transfer take?
Credit, debit, and prepaid cards—what’s the difference?
Here’s how to use Apple Pay with N26
Share with friends
Money laundering: how banks stay one step ahead of criminal activity
Online Christmas shopping: the ultimate guide
How much does a dog cost? A guide to the average cost of owning a dog
How do you move to another country? 6 steps to get you ready for moving abroad
12 ways to save money on a college student budget
How to save money on rent and budget like a pro
How to save money on groceries: shopping tips to stretch your food budget
Introducing N26 Smart and Business Smart—helping you spend and save with confidence
What is a banking license?
Where do women have the most opportunities? We conducted a study to find out
Here’s how to rent a flat in Germany—the ultimate guide
How to open a bank account in Germany the easy way
What is mental accounting and why are we so bad at ‘organizing’ our finances
How to get your residence permit in Germany
How to get health insurance in Germany
How to register your address in Germany, and get your Anmeldung
What is the German Schufa score? And how to get one—a guide
The surprising benefits of branchless banking
Our latest makeover revealed—welcome to the new N26 Blog
N26 x adidas—whatever your goal, we’ll keep you on track
Is Maestro a Mastercard?
The Big Banking Chat: is your bank doing all of this?
The Big Banking Chat: here’s how N26 fits around you
The Big Banking Chat: your questions answered
The Big Banking Chat: lifting the lid on hidden fees and charges
The Big Banking Chat: what are the biggest frustrations with banking?
It’s finally here! N26 turns on Dark Mode
Budgeting tools to get your finances on track in 2020
Introducing N26 Business Metal—the premium business account for entrepreneurs, with 0.5% cashback
The Big Banking Chat: find your financial tribe
The Big Banking Chat: answering common banking questions
Wise—enjoy foreign currency transfers, without the fuss
The Big Banking Chat: How to talk to your bank
The Big Banking Chat: What banking jargon really means
The Big Banking Chat—we’re all worried about money
Energy efficiency: 7 ideas to save energy in your home
Looking to maximize your finances? You’ll find a lot to discuss with cash-conscious Caroline
Looking for a bank as fast-paced and flexible as you? Then you might share Culture-Guru Clara’s wanderlust
Think your bank should stay out your life until you need it? Day-dreaming David is your spirit animal
Ready to make some big financial decisions? Learn from Logical Lucas
Trying to make all the right decisions, but never getting help from your bank? Responsible Rosa knows your pain
Forever counting down to payday? You might be a spontaneous Sara
N26 raises more than $100 million in extension of its Series D funding
We’re in this together—explore N26’s perks and discounts to enjoy from home
The Big Banking Chat—it’s time to talk money
How budget spreadsheets and worksheets transform your finances
What is financial wellness? Here’s how to improve your relationship with your money
Personal financial planning—tips on setting yourself up for the future
6 tips on how to support your local businesses
Instant banking with N26—use your new card to make payments before it even arrives
Online scams: how to spot fraud and stay safe on the web
9 budgeting apps to help your money go further
COVID-19: latest updates on our customer service availability
How to stay productive—7 useful apps to help you stay focused and motivated
Stay safe while online shopping—here’s how to protect your money and your data
CEO Blog: Grooming the next generation of global entrepreneurs
‘Money changes hands frequently:’ WHO advises a move away from banknotes
N26 x Headspace—focus on what matters
We want to be more open and responsible so we’ve updated our Terms and Conditions—here’s why.
How to recognize and avoid 5 types of phishing attacks
N26 x––travel smarter, hassle-free
Tips for secure mobile banking
Leaving the UK does not change our global vision to transform retail banking for the better
Tips for secure online banking
Your travel bucket list: 10 experiences worth saving for in 2020
Where to travel in 2020 — N26 users have their say
Here’s how N26 is building a simple, beautiful user-experience for the 21st century
5 million customers in 5 years—N26 celebrates another record-breaking milestone
5 trips to improve your wellbeing in 2020
How to travel like a pro: 6 winter travel hacks
Create your own Rules on N26 Spaces
Your universal gift guide: 5 ideas guaranteed to bring joy to all
5 winter sun destinations you can reach in 5 hours or less
5 reasons why winter is the best season to travel
How to get your first job out of college
The 10 best places to study abroad—where to go to satisfy your wanderlust
10 good reasons to study abroad
Student savings accounts: 7 things you need to know
Student financial support: a comprehensive guide across Europe
N26 celebrates its 26th market launch
Shared Spaces Beta: a new way to share money
How to save money at university: 4 top tips for success
7 essential tips on how to get a paid internship abroad
Our premium accounts now come with even more exclusive discounts and partner offers
Saving for university: 10 tips to get you started today
How to pay for university
N26 is now one of the highest valued FinTechs globally
N26 You: a bank account suited to your personality
Our US Journey Begins Today
Which university should I go to in Europe?
13 hidden fees in banking to be aware of
Here’s how we’re building the most reliable customer service in the world
Save money: everyday habits that can help you (and the planet)
It’s official, we’re celebrating 3.5 million customers!
How to submit a tax declaration in Germany
Our new brand campaign: the alphabet according to N26
Investing into our excellent team - N26 to open new Tech Hub in Vienna
Banking Basics: bank fees
Hide sensitive account data with discreet mode
With Growth Comes Responsibility
Customer support at N26
Protecting yourself from phishing attacks
Banking Basics: get to know your bank account
An Expat’s Guide: how to open a bank account in Spain
Announcing $300 million in Series D funding round and reaching 2.3 million customers
2018! What a year…
A fresh new look and feel for N26
Security when opening an N26 account: how we make sure your data stays safe
Introducing new features for Spaces; a brand new transaction list and interface
We’ve hit 2 million customers and 24 countries! Find out what that looks like
Brand new: control your finances hands-free with Siri Shortcuts and N26.
Security: the DNA of N26
Surprise yourself with these 5 practical ways to use Spaces right now
What is money laundering and how can you protect yourself from it
N26 Access - A look inside The Mobile Bank
Against all odds: the trials of getting our banking license
Take a tour of the brand new N26 for web
Simplify your finances with Spaces: our new way to organize your money
How 1 million N26 customers transact €1 billion a month
N26 is now live with Apple Pay in Ireland
Announcing our $160 million Series C funding round and 850k+ customers
Make a statement. Introducing N26 Metal, an exclusive card for the global generation.
N26 is now 3D Secure
T&C Update
The crazy cost of cash
No countries for old coins
Liberté, Egalité, IBANité
Our Customer 100000
More than an app
Banking Without Borders
The automatic teller machine
The cost of cash
The blog is open!
What is spyware? How to safeguard your devices
Google Pay is now available in even more countries !
25 budget-friendly Halloween costumes for you (and your boo!)
Employment Contracts in France: What You Need to Know
How to rent an apartment in Spain as an expat: everything you need to know
How to get a residence permit in Spain
What is the TIE in Spain: what it’s used for and how to get one
How to find work in Italy as an expat
Getting health insurance as an expat in Italy
The hidden financial effects of Daylight Saving Time
SIM swap scam: is your phone number safe from hackers?
What is adware? What you need to know to keep your system secure
Scareware: What it is and how to protect yourself
Holiday budget: how to create your budget and stick to it
Everything you need to know before you travel to Germany
What is a Trojan horse virus? (and what to do if your system gets infected)
What is a ransomware attack? How to protect your files
The world's most curious money rituals
What’s your financial love language?
Why should I open a savings account?
How to make money while traveling the world
5 ways to reduce financial stress and anxiety while traveling
Travel Expenses - Your guide to track them for a worry-free vacation
The first day of your internship—what you need to know
Your ultimate guide on what to take to uni
Travel to Europe, made simple: a comprehensive guide
Delicious winter escapes every food lover should try
6 smart financial resolutions for the new academic year
How to save money as a teenager in 5 simple steps
Reflecting on 9 years at N26
How do I withdraw cash without a card?
How to register with Social Security in Spain
Try these 10 flirty summer date ideas on a budget
How to spend more mindfully this shopping season
How to Get Your Residence Permit in Italy
N26 lands in Barcelona to open a second European office
N26 now has over 1 million customers in France!
5 ways to keep your phone safe this summer
Your guide to the certificate of residence in Spain
The dark web is after your data. Here’s what you need to know
5 ways to savor the last weeks of summer
3 ways scammers are cashing in on the cost of living crisis
The benefits of cloud banking, explained
N26 reaches milestone of 200,000 customers in the Netherlands
Pharming: how to protect yourself and remain vigilant
What Is an Insufficient Funds Fee?
What’s a bank transfer? How they work and how to make one
Finding a rental home in Italy—a practical guide for expats
How to get Italian citizenship
Job scamming - What N26 does to protect you and how you can protect yourself
Busting the toxic myth that women are bad with money
Financial scams—how to identify and avoid fraud
What exactly is period poverty?
Social engineering: how to protect yourself
Reflecting on 2022 and looking ahead at what’s to come for N26
Employer Branding Associate Bel Merens on uni, travel, and living your dreams
Team Spotlight: N26 PR Specialist Pedro Rodriguez Páramo on how his studies led him to a career in public relations
What is debt relief? Understanding your options
What is debt consolidation? How and when to consolidate debt
What is the debt snowball method?
How to use the debt avalanche method to pay down debt
How to read a payslip
The best cashback apps of 2022
The best money-making apps for 2022
What makes a good engineering manager?
15 creative ways to give money as a gift
12 fun and inexpensive gifts for coworkers (all for under €20)
What does it mean when you dream about money?
Leaving the US - Why and what it means for N26
Nine of the best cocktail bars in Europe
Nine of the best restaurants in the world (beginning with N)
How to make a household budget
Financial stress rose in the LGBTQIA+ community this year, but many see a way out
Laptop insurance and tablet insurance—should you get covered?
5 summer fitness tips to help you stay cool in the heat
5 tips to spice up dining with friends
Learn these 5 healthy habits to transform your summer
Host a summer barbecue on a budget with these 5 hot tips