Stretch out your finances with N26 web

Introducing N26 web, a completely new way to use your N26 account. It’s packed full of many much-requested features, giving you better and more seamless control over your account, regardless of what device you’re on. Try it out now.

Navigate through the demonstration of the Light mode vs Dark mode of the webapp
N26 Web App Light Theme.
N26 Web App Dark Mode.
A transparent N26 Standard card.

The full power of the N26 bank account

All the same great features you already use, now on a bigger screen. Send money, get paid, and manage your finances on whatever device you prefer.

Manage and keep track of your account

In the My Account section of the web app, find all the information you’ll ever need, including your card ID, IBAN, BIC, and membership benefits. Lock your card or order a new one with just one click.

Switch to the dark side with dark mode

Toggle dark mode in the settings of the N26 web app and give your eyes a rest at night, for example.

A screen capture of the N26 web-app in dark-mode.

Bring out all your premium benefits

You, Business You, Metal and Business Metal customers have added sections for their membership benefits. That helps you get the most out of your membership.

N26 You exclusive partner benefits.
N26 webapp: a screenshot of the transaction scheduling UI.

Download and print your account activity and details

Need to print out your account statements for your records, share your account info, or do your taxes? You can now download your monthly statements in PDF form or your activity in CSV format.

Your money.
Your way.

Use N26 for the web and experience a whole new way to bank.

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