26 Juni 2017Produkte & Features

N26 Insurance – Verwalte all deine Versicherungen in der App

Update: N26 Insurance is now available in Germany. See our new blog article for all the details, and digitize all your insurance policies today in the N26 app. Over the past year, we’ve introduced investment, credit and savings to the N26 app so you can manage all your finances from your phone. Today we’re happy to announce that insurance is next, and it will be coming very soon. Insurance is essential to have, but it’s also complicated. We all have those thick binders at home full of paperwork – you get documents in the mail from your insurance provider, you two-hole punch them, and put them in your binder. What if we just digitized this whole process instead? N26 Insurance - N26 Blog

Manage Your Insurance Plans

The vision for N26 Insurance is to create a central place for all your insurance matters. You’ll have a digital overview of your insurance policies including coverage details and start and end dates. Instead of hundreds of pages of insurance documents, you’ll see all important information on one screen. We’ll be partnering with Clark, a digital insurance broker, so you can easily add your insurance policies to your N26 account. Clark has developed an innovative robo-advisor solution which analyzes your existing insurance contracts and proposes optimizations. The robo-advisor scans rates of more than 160 insurance companies to give you complete transparency about your own plans and alternative plans. N26 Insurance - N26 Blog  

Seamless Integration into Your N26 User Experience

N26 Insurance will enable you to initiate claims with just a few clicks. As the next step, N26 Insurance will help you to make smarter decisions by assisting you in optimizing your insurance plans and finding an easier way to navigate through the wealth of offerings. By the end of July, we’ll introduce a Beta version of N26 Insurance including first features, available to all existing customers in Germany. We’ll send an email to let you know just as soon as it’s available. We’re excited to bring N26 Insurance to you and are looking forward to your feedback. You can read more in today’s press release on N26 Insurance.

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