Get an extra card for your N26 account

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If you’re prone to misplacing your card from time to time, there’s a solution! As an N26 You, Business You, Metal or Business Metal customer, you can order an extra Mastercard to use with your bank account.

Enjoy additional peace of mind

Whether it’s paying for groceries or making a larger purchase, debit cards are still one of the most common ways to pay. And of course, if you ever lose yours, even waiting for a new one to arrive can feel like a lifetime. That’s why it’s always better to have a backup. 

At N26, we want to make sure you have all bases covered when it comes to accessing your money. For a one-off €10 payment, you can order a second card to be linked to, and used interchangeably, with your account. This way, you can keep one in your pocket and one at home—or any other safe spot in case you suddenly need a spare.

Your card, whenever you need it

N26 You and Business You customers can order an additional card for €10 in a choice of 5 colors: Sand, Rhubarb, Teal, Ocean and Slate. As an N26 Metal customer, you have the option to pick one of the N26 You design cards, which will have the exact same functionality as the Metal counterpart. Take this additional Mastercard with you wherever you go, and continue to stay on trend even if you misplace your original one.

Here’s how to get your extra card:

It’s easy! Just open the Explore tab in your N26 app and follow these steps:

  1. Under Get more from your account, click ‘Add extra card’

  2. Choose your favorite card color from the You range

  3. Confirm the shipping address, the €10 extra card cost and the Terms & Conditions

  4. Your new card will be sent to your registered address! 

Sharing is caring, but...

Please note that for legal reasons, you can’t order a spare card and give it to someone else to use. This is because both cards are registered under your name and attached to your N26 bank account. Giving others access to your account would breach the T&C’s of your N26 user agreement, which could result in your account being closed.  Interested in managing money together in one place with friends and family? Set up a Shared Spaces sub-account instead, and invite up to 10 other N26 customers to join for an even better way to save and pool funds together.

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