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Introducing N26 Insurance – manage all your insurance policies from the app

posted by Daniel Schwarzmueller • Product • July 12, 2017

As we previewed a few weeks ago, N26 Insurance is now here, and we’re inviting you to an early BETA release to try it.

Here’s how to use N26 Insurance:

  • Update the N26 app
  • Go to the Insurance section
  • Complete the tour
  • Select your insurance category and provider
  • Agree to transfer your “broker mandate” to Clark
  • Provide your e-signature to seal the deal
  • See all your policies in one easy to use dashboard once Clark has digitized your details

You don’t need to upload any paper documents. You don’t need to know all your policy numbers and details. Your policies won’t change. We’ll just show them to you in the app.

This is only the first version, so we’re rapidly working on more functions. Soon you’ll also be able to manage your insurance directly from your dashboard. That means you can make claims, renewals and cancellations with a few taps, removing the usual stress and paperwork from the process. Finally, you’ll be able to get expert advice and see online insurance quotes in the app, so you can get better coverage and lower your costs. Searching through insurance quotes online is a hassle, and you just want unbiased advice from your broker. N26 Insurance is free, and our experts only want to get you the best deals.

Keep in mind that this is an early BETA release of N26 Insurance that we’re only making available in Germany for now. Try N26 Insurance today, and look for further updates from us soon.

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