Black and green N26 You card.

Get an extra card for your N26 account

Always misplacing your card? Order an extra for your N26 account, and never lose access to your money. Here’s how.

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Our first 5 million customers.

5 million customers in 5 years—N26 celebrates another record-breaking milestone

We’ve made it to 5 million customers! Here’s what this important milestone means for The Mobile Bank.

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Illustration of n26 card and a suitcase.

New Year’s traditions in Europe: 5 celebrations to consider

Ring out the old, and ring in the new! N26 employees share how they celebrate New Year’s Eve in their home countries.

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iPhone X with the N26 app showing the Apple Pay screen.

Apple Pay is now available in Switzerland, The Netherlands and Iceland!

It’s here! We’re pleased to let our iOS customers in Switzerland, Iceland and The Netherlands know that they can now add their N26 card to their Apple Wallet to use Apple Pay!

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Google Pay with N26 Standard Card.

Go cashless. Use Google Pay with N26.

Go cashless with Google Pay—now available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. Learn more here.

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Apple Pay and N26.

N26 with Apple Pay is now available in Luxembourg!

N26 with Apple Pay has arrived for all customers in Luxembourg! Find out how to start making fast and secure mobile payments.

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N26 app with ApplePay open on it.

N26 with Apple Pay: now available in eleven new European countries!

We're pleased to announce that N26 with Apple Pay is now available to customers in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden!

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Black "N26 Metal" card on top of a concrete block.

Introducing: N26 Metal premium account benefits

Hello EU! N26 Metal is available now in almost all European countries we operate in. Discover the premium account with the metal card, plus much more.

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2,5 million clients.

It’s official, we’re celebrating 3.5 million customers!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve reached another milestone! Here’s what’s coming up next for N26.

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N26 Business Black launches in 16 more European countries.

Do business with the world. With Business Black you can.

Business Black for freelancers comes with travel insurance, extended warranty and 0,1% cashback on purchases. And now it’s available in 16 more European countries!

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Header of the blog post about N26 2018 milestones.

2018! What a year…

Find out what we achieved in 2018 on our path to build a bank the world loves to use.

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N26 Blogpost 2 Million Customers_Header.

We’ve hit 2 million customers and 24 countries! Find out what that looks like

A quick overview over how much our customers are transacting and how many people are using Spaces.

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