picture of lake bled in slovenia.

How to open a bank account in Slovenia

Find out everything you need to know about opening a bank account in your new home.

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City Skyline of Bratislava (Slovakia) with St. Martin's Cathedral.

A brief guide to opening a bank account in Slovakia

Moving to Slovakia? You’ll need a bank account to participate in the cash-based economy. Here’s how to get one

6 min read

panoramic picture of stockholm.

How to open a bank account in Sweden

Opening a local bank account will make your transition that much smoother.

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Green image with 7 million thanks text and N26 card on top.

N26 celebrates 7 million customers

Thank you to all 7 million N26 customers across 25 markets who have trusted us to put their financial interests first.

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picture showing facades of houses in old town warsaw.

Here’s how to open a bank account in Poland

Settling down in Poland? Read on for our guide to opening your own bank account in the country.

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picture of central dublin and liffey river.

How to open a bank account in Ireland the easy way

Making the move to Ireland? Smooth your transition by opening a bank account in the country. Here’s a guide for how to open a bank account in Ireland.

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picture of Acropolis of Athens.

How to open a bank account in Greece

If you’re settling down in Greece, it’s a good idea to open a local bank account. Read on to find out how.

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picture of helsinki with the cathedral and a ferris wheel.

Your guide to opening a bank account in Finland

Finland is known for being nearly fully cashless—which means you’ll need your own Finnish bank account to get by in the country.

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Google Pay with N26 Standard Card.

Google Pay is now available in even more countries !

Simply pay with your smartphone with Google Pay—it’s safe and easy. Find out more here.

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N26 logo against a pink background.

N26 reaches milestone of 200,000 customers in the Netherlands

Our customer base doubled in 2020 because our bank is built for the times we live in, not for a specific generation. Find out how.

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a woman walking with a suitcase in the airport.

How do you move to another country? 6 steps to get you ready for moving abroad

If you’re thinking of moving abroad, read on to discover our checklist of what to consider before starting your big adventure.

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Black and green N26 You card.

Get an extra card for your N26 account

Always misplacing your card? Order an extra for your N26 account, and never lose access to your money. Here’s how.

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