Five years ago at a special keynote, Apple introduced the world to Siri and changed the way we interact with our devices. iPhone users suddenly gained the ability to complete all manners of tasks hands-free, with only the sound of their voices. They could find restaurants nearby, manage their calendar appointments, and even have entire text conversations with their friends, or with Siri herself.

At this week’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple previewed their upcoming iOS 10, including a major addition that allows Siri to interact with apps, inviting developers to create a world of fun and functional possibilities. NUMBER26 had the pleasure of showing off our own upcoming feature with Siri right on the big screen.

You’re imagining this future correctly. Soon, all NUMBER26 users with iOS 10 will be able to send money with just their voice, and it will take less than 15 seconds. Say you’re late for a movie and need to send your friend money for tickets while you’re running to the cinema. Or you’re heading to the airport with your wife and your hands are full with luggage, so you pay her back for the cab ride hands-free. Now you’re having dinner with your colleagues and they’ve picked up the check so you don’t need to run to an ATM. You can pay them back immediately, and feel like a secret agent while you do it.

And don’t worry - safety and privacy are huge priorities for us and we’re including all the necessary precautions. Let’s just say you will only be able to transfer your friends money with Siri if it’s your phone, and we’re sure that it’s your phone after a simple identity check.

Keep your eyes open for more updates about all the ways we’re making your finances fun and functional. In the meantime, ask Siri about the weather tomorrow.

By N26

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