Our 100,000th customer - it’s quite the milestone. To honour this landmark, we wanted to introduce you to Michael Jäger, who hails from Marbach am Neckar. The sales manager, a happily married father of one (whose daughter shares a birthday with us on January 26th!), enjoys photography in his spare time. In addition to the NUMBER26 app, Michael is a fan of eSign Manager, Photoshop Mix and Apple Music.

He took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

How did you discover NUMBER26?

I chose NUMBER26 because of how ridiculously easy and quick it is (less than 10 minutes) to open an account. The features were also quite convincing, starting with a free credit card (which I’ve already put to good use in my travels throughout Germany). I really like the way I can receive data in real time on the app. It didn’t take long to convince me, and sooner or later it’s bound to become my regular bank account.

What’s your favourite feature?

To me, the app is unbeatable because you can manage everything right there. The kicker is that I can set a limit on transactions in real time, and I have control over those functions. I think back to when I bought a car and I wanted to pay with an EC-Card but the payment wouldn’t process -- despite the fact that I had the funds available -- because I had already overspent my limit for the day. (And let’s be honest: why should I have to make an appointment with a bank manager so that he can increase my limit for a certain amount of time?!)

How does NUMBER26 differentiate from other banks?

Good question! First, the app itself is just super, given how much control you have over everything. Secondly, the user isn’t dinged with nickel-and-dime fees, either for the card or on the account. So you’re able to use the NUMBER26 card just about everywhere (except for a few Sparkasse ATMs) to take out cash.

Any birthday wishes for NUMBER26?

Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep your standards high and keep developing your account till you reach the top, because this is how a customer-driven, bank-of-the-future looks like.

How do you envision NUMBER26 in 2026?

Hopefully as an international bank outside of Europe!

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