It’s a big announcement fit for our big plans: we're happy to announce that N26 will be available in the US starting mid-2018. Our goal is to bring fresh innovation to the banking industry in the US while creating a better banking experience for customers globally.

Our vision is clear: simplicity is best

We believe that it is essential to meet people where they are by creating products made for where they spend their time. And that is increasingly on phones and mobile devices. We feel that the future of banking is mobile. And we are working tirelessly to make managing your finances as refreshing and straightforward as brewing coffee in the morning.

Having launched less than three years ago, we've already had our beliefs validated. In August we announced that we had already reached 500.000 customers in 17 European countries. Every day more and more people are using N26 to make their lives easier by having a better way to manage their finances.

Being mobile-first means putting design and technology front and center

As a fully mobile product, we don't own or operate bank branches, making it easier to scale and reach customers who might not typically have access to digital financial services. Branches are expensive and difficult to maintain. We pass these savings to our customers.

Being mobile-first also means that we built our financial management technology around our app and not the other way around. We can continuously improve customers' experiences without having to recycle old technology. We move at the speed of our customers.

Made for the US: banking designed for your mobile lifestyle

Meeting people where they are means also understanding their needs. We plan to offer a full mobile banking experience, complete with its own card. Just like in Europe, customers will have unparalleled control over their account on their phone. Changing your PIN, setting payment limits, and locking or unlocking payments online and abroad is easy and possible in-app. We plan on working together with a partner bank to provide a similar range of products and services that are available in Europe.

We place an extra emphasis on transparency and fairness. You can expect the same openness about fees and costs in the US. We will also offer a specially designed rewards program for the US. The more you spend, the more points you'll earn towards rewards designed to meet the needs of your mobile lifestyle.

Our success is built by you

We’ve realized that people have the same needs and desires, regardless of where they are. The current generation of customers values an experience that puts quality, transparency, and reactiveness first. Our goal is to be the bank of the future for the current generation of mobile users. Without physical locations, we’ll be able to easily expand into all corners of the US while offering the same seamless, user-friendly experience that has already spread across Europe.

Mark your calendars: 2018 is the year

While we won’t be available in the US until mid-2018, you can already put yourself on the waitlist for early access. We hope you’re excited. We sure are. Let’s make the way we bank better, all over the world.

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