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Win a holiday with N26 and Selina

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At N26, we value flexible, on-the-go living. So we’ve partnered with Selina, an innovative travel and hospitality platform offering getaways to adapt to your lifestyle. And now’s the perfect time to discover an unforgettable adventure, with a special 20% discount when booking a Selina stay with your N26 You or Metal card.

Seek adventure, explore, or connect with Selina’s global community in exciting destinations all over the globe. Whether co-working, surfing, exploring, or networking, life doesn’t have to pause while you travel.

From city centers, exotic seasides or jungle lodges—experience the world with Selina, befriend Mother Nature, and discover your passion. Unwind, get creative, or do both by connecting with a like-minded community of digital nomads, explorers, and travelers.

Selected destinations change every two weeks, so don’t miss a discounted trip to your ideal location.

With the addition of N26’s financial tools, including free withdrawals worldwide and travel insurance for premium accounts, travel has never been more convenient.

Your chance to win a holiday to Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Ready for your new adventure? Enter our exclusive raffle to win a week-long holiday for two in the Caribbean paradise Playa del Carmen, Mexico. One of Mexico’s most popular destinations is home to coral reefs, stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, and fascinating cultural excursions.

Settle into the holiday with welcome drinks at Selina’s perfectly located hotel. Set off on an unforgettable adventure with an inclusive day trip to the ancient Mayan Tulum Ruins, a magical site dating back to the 13th and 14th century. Gaze at pyramid-shaped temples and marvel at the backdrop of crystal clear ocean waters and surrounding jungle.

For your chance to win, email from the email address registered to your N26 account. State you’d like to enter the holiday raffle for Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The raffle ends on January 7, 2020. N26 will randomly select a winner before informing them via email.

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