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N26 is handing over the mic to local businesses during the global pandemic—here’s why

During COVID-19, passionate local business owners are struggling to keep their place in our communities. N26 is here to help local businesses amplify their voice.

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In these days of isolation where many restrictions are keeping us further apart than ever before, passionate local business owners are struggling to keep their businesses alive as a result of COVID-19. Although some shops are slowly easing into re-opening their doors to the public, many local businesses still remain at risk of losing their place in our communities if they’re unable to recover from the loss of customers during these challenging times.

That’s why during COVID-19, N26 is joining you to find new ways to further support local businesses. In these days of increased distancing, we’ll be stepping up to do the opposite and connecting even closer to our N26 customers, especially those who own local businesses and need our help.

For the next few weeks, we’ll create extra room on our media platforms and hand over the mic to passionate owners of local businesses. The aim? To empower our valued N26 business customers with the opportunity to promote their goods and services to communities around the world, for free.

After all, we’re all in this together.

Our communities need our support

Right now, local businesses and their hard-working owners are at risk of losing their place in our neighborhoods due to minimized sales during COVID-19. With no clear end date in sight for everything to return to business as usual, the livelihoods of local business owners and their staff remain at stake.

Many of our business customers are passionate entrepreneurs fulfilling lifelong dreams with their unique local businesses, and we continue to believe in their goals. Local businesses are now getting creative by offering new ways to reach their customers online, and we believe that we can lend a helping hand to amplify their voice.

Local businesses are valued, and they matter

From the local yoga studio that is your sanctuary of calm to the cozy bakery where you get your weekly fix of perfect loaves and catch up with friends, small local businesses also play a big part in our lives.

Not only do they bring a healthy dose of diversity into our communities, but they also enrich the urban culture in our neighborhoods that make them places we’re proud to call home. Whether you love to help boost your local economy or simply want your favorite spots to stick around, local businesses are valued, and they matter.

How is N26 helping local businesses during COVID-19?

At N26, you—our customers—are our top priority, come rain, hail or shine. As your bank of choice, we want to help find meaningful ways to support you to continue thriving at what you do.

For the next few weeks, N26 will be featuring various small and medium-sized businesses on our social media pages, website and blog. By providing this complimentary marketing opportunity, the selected local businesses will receive a unique chance to promote their goods and services to even more communities around the world—for free. Because we know—we’re stronger together.

Here are some exciting businesses that N26 will be supporting:

Colorama—publishing and riso-printing

Veteranenstrasse 21, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Owner Johanna Maierski, an illustrator and cartographer herself, explains, “I run a bookstore offering comics, art books, online courses for Riso-printing, and digital art auctions.”

A perfect way to fill the extra time at home, you can pick up a comic or crush over the digital art available for purchase at and

Colorama, bookstore offering comics, art books, online courses for Riso-printing.

Muse Berlin—international comfort food

Immanuelkirchstrasse 31, 10405 Berlin, Germany

The delicious result of a shared love for traveling and international cuisines, British-German owners Caroline Grinsted and Tobias Zeller have established Muse Berlin as the local go-to spot for heartwarming international comfort food with friendly service to match.

They say, “We’re currently offering vouchers, and will be launching a delivery or takeaway service very soon.” Keep an eye out for the announcement at or buy a voucher to use later at

Muse Berlin, restaurant, owners.

Casa Protea—plant collectors studio

Carrer de Ramón y Cajal, 124, 08024 Barcelona, Spain

You may not be able to physically visit the urban jungle and plant workshop space that is Casa Protea for the time being, but Casa Protea still remains evergreen with their newly launched online shop.

During COVID-19, owners Jesús Monteagudo Guerra and Pancho Doren Masdeu offer “plants and pots to brighten up your quarantine with some greenery”, and will even do the deliveries themselves within Barcelona.

See the results of their green thumbs at, or head to to see your potential new plant friends on offer.

Raffinati—Italian delicatessen

74 ter Rue de Clignancourt, 75018 Paris, France

Nicola Balestra is the owner of Raffinati, an Italian specialties deli that provides delectable cheeses, salted meat, vegetables, condiments and wines carefully selected from small Italian producers. He’s proud to say, “We are offering Paris’ freshest Italian food for takeaway and delivery.”

If you’re missing authentic Italian cuisine, indulge yourself at home with the various tasting trays available to order at or see what the Raffinati team are offering this season at

Raffinati, Italian delicatessen in Paris.

Rughara—sustainable clothing, art and design

Corredera Alta de San Pablo 1, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Carefully curated by owner Vanesa Serrano, Rughara brings together sustainable clothing, accessories, art and home decoration pieces in this part-design store and part-art gallery. In particular, Rughara focuses on supporting sustainable clothing brands that are produced locally in Spain and throughout Europe, and are offering their full selection online right now.

Vanesa says, “We are shipping worldwide and offering a 10% discount with the code: #rughareandoencasa.” See Vanesa’s updates on behind-the-scenes moments at or click through the many unique pieces on offer at

Rughara shop and owner, sustainable clothing, art and design.

At N26, you are our priority and remain our biggest source of inspiration, right now more than ever. Even during these difficult times of COVID-19, valuable local businesses continue to inspire us with their creative solutions to keep their dreams alive, and we believe in supporting them to achieve their goals.

A global pandemic doesn’t discriminate, but we do know that we’re always stronger together. We’re here to support local businesses, ready to lend a helping hand.

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