Beatriz Korune, working student at N26.

Interview with Beatriz Korzune — Working Student at N26

Defying stereotypes — and gravity — one of our work students here at N26 is a female Brazilian pilot finishing her Master’s in International Aviation Management.

8 min read

technology logos: Kotlin, Java, Jenkins, AWS etc.

Tech at N26 — The Bank in the cloud

If you are in Europe, chances are that you have heard of N26. It’s a #NoBullshit bank that gives you complete control over your finances from your smartphone.

4 min read

Cassette getting stuff done days written on it.

Getting Stuff Done Days at N26

One of our favorite traditions at N26: the Getting Stuff Done Days. It’s an important part of our work and play mentality.

5 min read

Alex Weber, Head of International Markets at N26.

Interview with Alex Weber, Head of International Markets

We sat down with Alex, the current head of N26’s International department to talk more about N26’s history and some of his experiences as one of the original employees.

6 min read