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CASH26 launches in Greece—withdraw and deposit cash in over 100 shops

Tired of standing in line at the ATM? With CASH26, you can deposit and withdraw cash in minutes at over 100 Bazaar supermarkets in Greece—right from your smartphone.

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Have you ever wondered how many hours of your life you’ve spent standing in line at a bank branch waiting to deposit cash? And what about all that money wasted on ATM withdrawal fees? 

At N26, our mission is to make banking simple, affordable, and convenient—which is why we’re launching CASH26 in Greece. CASH26 is an app feature that lets you deposit and withdraw cash from your N26 account at partner stores across Europe, right from your smartphone. Say goodbye to the long lines at your local bank branch or endlessly searching for a nearby ATM, and start managing your cash the easy way. Plus, try out CASH26 in Greece now and you’ll get a 5% discount at any Bazaar supermarket! 

How do I deposit and withdraw cash with CASH26?

Using CASH26 couldn’t be easier—all you need is your smartphone. Simply open your N26 app and tap the Cards tab at the bottom bar and select CASH26. Then select either Deposit or Withdrawal and enter the amount that you want to deposit or withdraw from your N26 account.

The app will display a barcode for you to show to the cashier, who will then scan your code, allowing you to deposit or withdraw the desired amount. Your account balance will be updated right away. Withdrawals are free, with a limit of €200 per transaction and up to €900 within a 24-hour period. If you’re depositing cash, a minimum deposit amount of €50 and a 1.5% transaction fee will apply. To learn more, visit our N26 Support Center.  

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Where can I deposit or withdraw cash from my N26 account with CASH26?

For our launch in Greece, N26 has teamed up with Bazaar supermarkets to offer CASH26 deposits and withdrawals to all N26 customers. This means that you can manage your cash easily while doing your weekly shopping. To find the closest Bazaar supermarket location, simply open the CASH26 map in your N26 app. 

Use CASH26 and get a 5% discount at Bazaar supermarkets 

CASH26 isn’t just simple and convenient, it even helps you save. From now until March 30, 2022, N26 customers who use CASH26 for the first time at Bazaar supermarkets in Greece will get a 5% discount! Simply complete your CASH26 transaction, and your cashier will give you a confirmation receipt with a 5% discount coupon. Use your coupon to get 5% off your purchase at Bazaar supermarkets—there’s no minimum purchase amount required, and there’s no excluded products!

Can I use CASH26 outside of Greece? 

Yes! CASH26 is expanding across Europe—now, in addition to over 100 partner stores in Greece, you can choose from more than 2,000 stores in Austria, over 12,000 stores in Germany, and more than 1000 stores in Italy. So what are you waiting for? Try CASH26 now and discover how easy it is to manage your cash with N26.

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