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N26 Talent Program

A jump start to your future

Jevgenija, Guilherme, Natasha, Victor, Astghik, and Dennis are just a few of the interns that are reshaping finance

People sitting around a table in a glass walled N26 meeting room.

Working Students

Another invaluable source of talent for N26 are our working students. Working part-time and on a flexible schedule, they contribute to the growth of N26 in a variety of fields while continuing their university studies.

Radoslav and Agnese have contributed to N26 while advancing their studies:

Radoslav Evtimov.

“As an N26 customer, I was impressed by the product and this led me to consider N26 as a company to start my career at. Banks have always interested me, but I thought I needed a more untraditional environment compared to the well-known institutions. The idea of being part of a smaller company trying to revolutionise an industry of giants made me realise that applying to N26 was the right decision for me. I believe that the best job is not the one that just gives you a salary, but rather the one that makes you feel you are part of something you believe in.”

Radoslav Evtimov / Bulgaria
Banking Working Student in Operations (Economics student)

Agnese Ghinassi.

“N26 enables young people not only to get a job and being independent, but also to learn how to cooperate in a work environment. I have always wanted to have the chance to get involved with something close to what I was studying and N26 gave me this opportunity.”

Agnese Ghinassi / Italy
Verification Specialist Working Student in Customer Service (Media and Business Psychology student)

At N26, talents and full-time workers share responsibilities, but also perks. What we offer?

  • Flat hierarchy in an authentic Berlin start-up
  • High degree of autonomy in a motivated and talented team
  • The chance to develop personal projects
  • Rotational assignment in another department of your choice
  • International environment (45+ nationalities)
  • Hands-on experience
  • Fresh fruits, drinks, breakfast
  • Paid internship
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Find a career path.
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