On a mission to reshape our culture

Diversity and inclusion at N26

Why is diversity and inclusion so important? When empowering people to live and bank their way, we are pledging to all people that their way is included! Our mission is to listen to the needs and suggestions of our diverse employees, in the knowledge that we are getting closer to delivering the most relevant and inclusive global product.

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N26 Women on a Mission

This year, we're celebrating the achievements of the women of N26. How? By recognizing their hard work, as well as the reasons behind why they do it—their individual missions.

N26’s ‘Women on a Mission’ reflects the personal goals behind each functional role, from customer service to product management, across our European locations and US offices. Follow their stories on Facebook and Instagram.

With over 80 nationalities, we have a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to draw on from our international and diverse colleagues.

We are among the leaders in the Tech world when it comes to hiring women—and when building the bank the world loves to use, our mission is to be representative of society.

In the workplace, our colleagues' diversity contributes to a culture of speaking up and feeling empowered to suggest inclusive events, traditions and ways of working.

Our mission is to encourage the creation of, and active participation, in our Employee Resource Groups (ERG)—voluntary, employee-run initiatives which promote diversity and inclusion.

One of these is the Womxn26 ERG, which aims to foster an inclusive environment where employees can feel supported and are encouraged to thrive.

“N26 is an industry disrupter, and this partly due to two reasons: firstly, our teams consist of talented, diverse and dynamic thinkers, and secondly, N26 strives to foster a culture that encourages and facilitates such thinking and inclusion."

"You can’t be what you can’t see. My responsibility as a female leader in the Tech industry is to ensure no one feels something is out of their reach because they haven't seen it before. At N26, I advocate for diversity in all roles at all levels, but more importantly I demand we create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Let’s create and support our role models!”

A more diverse iOS community at N26

Balanced Work event by Womxn26 ERG

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