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Diversity and inclusion at N26

Why is diversity and inclusion so important? When empowering people to live and bank their way, we are pledging to all people that their way is included. We see diversity as a source of strength, allowing us to draw on a wealth of creativity, perspectives and experiences that help us deliver the most relevant and inclusive product to customers globally.
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Sharing powerful stories

We believe that giving a voice to our employees to be able to share their stories is crucial to build an inclusive culture.Check out our video campaigns featuring our N26ers for Pride and International Women's Day 2020.Follow our lastest Don’t Hide Your Pride campaign for Pride on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Our colleagues' diversity contributes to a culture of speaking up and feeling empowered to suggest inclusive initiatives and ways of working. A way we do this is through Employee Resource Groups (ERG)—voluntary, employee-run communities which promote diversity and inclusion.The LGBTQIA+ ERG exists to celebrate, educate and drive awareness of community issues, with initiatives like instilling gender pronouns on communication channels, gender neutral toilets and annual Pride events.

Ethnically Diverse

We champion ethnic diversity at N26 by being a platform for employees of minority backgrounds to be heard, understood, represented and celebrated. Our goal is to turn N26 into a leader in our industry and sector when it comes to celebrating diversity and supporting inclusion for all - through education, creating safe spaces, and building a culture that embraces our differences as a source of strength.


Another N26 ERG is the Womxn26, which aims to foster an inclusive environment where employees who identify as womxn can feel supported, and are encouraged to thrive.How? By developing mentorship and professional training opportunities, organizing internal events and community outreach initiatives. Additionally, it ensures that working at N26 is a fair and safe experience for all, and that recruitment practices are more inclusive.
With over 80 nationalities, we have a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to draw on from our international and diverse colleagues. We are among the leaders in the Tech world when it comes to hiring women—and when building the bank the world loves to use, our mission is to be representative of society.

Our vision for the future

At N26, our goal is to create a banking experience that customers of all backgrounds, cultures, ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, abilities and experiences love to use—an environment that makes everyone feel welcome, represented, and most importantly, confident when it comes to managing their money. That’s why our product development teams are working hard to develop features that will help better address the needs of underrepresented groups.
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Find out more about our initiatives around diversity and inclusion in our InsideN26 Magazine:

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