Just a few of the N26 women reshaping finance

In a predominantly male sector like finance, it's even more important to celebrate the voices of females. And to make this part of our wider efforts towards inclusion and diversity. It's time to #PressforProgress.

— At N26, our goal is to become not just a global bank, but a bank that reflects the global reality.

The fact is, that women make up a disproportionately low percentage of leadership positions in finance despite being half the population. Changing this requires giving women the space for success.

“Creating transparency around decisions in hiring, pay and career progression

and creating a safe environment to have constructive conversations around these topics, is fundamental to an inclusive environment.”

“There are moments when your voice being heard can result in change,

and moments when you'll be painted as a problem for coming forward. Know when to stand up and when you need to walk away.”

Francesca Gilibert/ Design on inspiration-N26 Diversity & Inclusion.

“I’m inspired when I talk with people from different walks of life.

The more different they are and think the better.”

Driving change 
through Diversity.

How we see N26’s role within the Tech sector

“I like challenges and enjoy solving problems.

I believe that software engineers with their creativity can change the world with inventions and solutions that affect everyone's lives.”

“I'm most proud of my self-sufficiency and independence.

Throughout my life, I've never worked for money—I work for what I believe in. I've always done what I wanted. And figured out a way to get people to pay me to do what I love.”

Helena Wolf/ 
Product Management on career - N26 Diversity & Inclusion.

“Challenge your motivation.

Being a product owner makes you the only person in the company who has the clear mandate to put the user first and be their strongest advocate without having to worry about the beauty of the product.”

Diversity means collaboration.  Here are the N26 employees behind International Women’s Day at N26.

Finance is female. Join us in shaping its future.