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What’s a workation? Plan your own working vacation as a freelancer in Italy

When you’re a freelancer, work doesn’t have to interfere with your travel plans.

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If you’re considering taking your freelance career on the road, you’re not alone. Data from anyplace shows that there are currently an estimated 10 million freelancers who work while traveling around the world. Tech developments in recent years have made it increasingly possible to work traditional office jobs from remote locations. This has led to what’s now called the workation (a combination of work and vacation). Find time to relax in idyllic locations without ever compromising your career.

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As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it’s no surprise that plenty of people are choosing Italy for their workation destination. If you’re thinking of joining them, this short introduction will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about taking your freelance workation in Italy.

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Workation and digital nomads

People who take workations are generally classified as “digital nomads.” These types of professionals don’t have a fixed workplace, but instead work remotely from wherever they choose. That might mean cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, hostels, libraries—anywhere with a decent wifi connection is a viable workplace for a digital nomad.

Digital nomads generally work in a freelance capacity, rather than for one single employer. Cultivating a diverse network of clients helps them build the flexible schedules required for their mobile lifestyle.

Work: smart working and freelance work in Italy

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing measures mean more and more companies are embracing remote work. While most people have been forced to work from home, the loosening of corona restrictions means people will now have even more opportunities to take their remote work wherever they choose. 

According to an Airbnb survey from October 2020, 66% of Italians plan to work away from their place of residence at some point in the future, at least for a little while. What’s more, Smart Working Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan reports that there were roughly 5 million smart workers in Italy in November 2020—”smart workers” refers to digital nomads and other unconventional workers who operate outside the context of traditional office culture. This number is expected to grow in 2021.

Working culture in Italy has come a long way over the past year, in terms of technological development. New collaboration tools, teleconferencing platforms, and cutting-edge software now help workers from a variety of industries handle their tasks remotely. To make things even easier, mobile internet costs in Italy are among the lowest in Europe.

Plus, Italy ranks first in Europe when it comes to the number of freelancers and self-employed professionals. Italian freelance sites such as AddLance, as well as international ones like Upwork, Freelancer, Twago, and Fiverr make working while traveling in Italy even simpler.

Vacation in Italy—paradise for digital nomads

From the peaks of the Alps down to the coast of Sicily, it’s impossible to capture the essence of Italy in one single description. For that reason, it’s often said that there are “a thousand different Italies.” Beaches, mountains, and cities, all teeming with art, lakes, and rolling hills. Working while traveling in Italy will allow you to take in picturesque landscapes, historic art and architecture, and world-renowned food and wine.

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