Monthly Budget Calculator

Visualize your income, and split your earnings into common expenses and savings goals to help you make the most out of your money.

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How to use the monthly budget calculator?

  • Enter estimated amounts into the fields that apply to you or your family.
  • Try rounding up to the nearest euro, but you can also use decimals.
  • Something doesn’t apply to you? No worries, just fill out the fields that are relevant to you.

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How are the final results computed?

The Monthly Budget Calculator takes the income amounts after taxes as positive flow and subtracts the amount of the rest of the items grouped in different expenses and/or savings buckets. You’ll see a visual representation that allows you to easily identify main areas of spending or savings as a percentage of the total.

How can I use these results?

The calculator aims to provide a visualization on how you currently split your budget, and is only meant to be used as a representation of a specific moment of time.

Are there other methods to help budgeting my income?

Yes, there are some other methods. Among them, the 50/30/20 rule, which is a popular way to calculate how much to allocate for needs, wants and savings.

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